Turn a home theater into the real thing with Roman blackout shades

Jun 29 2010

Turn a home theater into the real thing with Roman blackout shades
Turn a home theater into the real thing with Roman blackout shades
Pew Research Center surveys continually find that roughly three-quarters of adults now prefer to watch movies at home. Whether the movie is on a laptop or on a giant, high-definition flat-screen, it's crucial to have the perfect set up.

Home Theater Magazine recommends special attention to the acoustics of the surroundings. This isn't relevant for those who prefer earphones, but family movie nights can be ruined if the speakers are making the floor and walls shake. Open archways and doorways can also lead to deterioration of sound quality.

The news source states that subwoofers should be placed on slight, raised surfaces so the sound doesn't cause rumbling. Speakers can also cause strange echoing effects and the best solution for this noise is setting up fuzzy surfaces on the opposite walls. That way, the sounds are absorbed and the sound is crystal-clear.

Of course, the theater experience wouldn't be complete without making sure all the lights are off - including streetlights and car lights that may be visible from windows. To best achieve this effect, try hanging Roman blackout shades, which cleanly roll down a window and seal off 99.9% of UV rays as well as any artificial light. With no lights except the movie, it's possible for the viewer to be totally immersed.
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