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Honeycomb cell shades are excellent insulators. Whether you are trying to keep the summer heat out or insulate your windows during those cold winter months, cell shades are energy efficient.
Bamboo woven wood shades give the natural look of wood to your windows. Add a decorative edge binding to accent your home decor.
Roman shades add a soft classic fabric look to your windows. Choose from standard flat panel roman shades or select a hobbled or teardrop upgrade.
Roller shades are a classic way to cover your windows. Choose from a vast collection of fabric choices.
Solar screen shades are perfect for blocking uv-rays while still allowing a view through the shades.
Soft sheer shades offer a warm inviting look that still provides total privacy. Each shade may be titled like a horizontal venetian blind for a sheer light filter affect or raised to an un-obstructed view.
Pleated shades come in a wide variety of colors for a softer look. Each fabric shade offers similar benefits to honeycomb blinds with a cheaper price tag.
Skylight shades are designed to cover skylight windows and can be hung an angle. A great way to control light and protect from harmful uv rays.
Designed specifically to withstand the harse exterior elements with upgraded components, hold down options and more.

Window Shades usually refer to a softer fabric type shade. Our window shades online include honeycomb, sheers and even bamboo or woven grasses, horizontal window shades will soften up any window.

Types of Window Shades

  • Honeycomb or cell shades are great at insulating your windows and also provide for an excellent view when pulled or "stacked" all the way up.
  • Sheer Horizontal window shades can be made to be light filtering to allow some light to pass through, or room darkening to block out the sunlight better. Horizontal window shades are limited to either up or open and down or closed. Horizontal window shades also offer complete privacy when needed. Sheer type horizontal window shades, while a bit more expensive provided a more elegant look for your windows.
  • Bamboo or grass window shades will add more color to drab rooms and offices.
  • Roman window shades can come in either classic tear drop fold or flat fold panels.
  • Roller shades are classic roller shades that have stood the test of time. Roller shades come in various types of styles and colors. Choose from classic solid fabric shades to sheerweave shades.
Browse our selections of window shades online today! All of our shades conform to the CHILD SAFETY GUIDELINES! Order your horizontal window shades online with confidence.

Commonly Asked Questions About Window Shades


What are the different types of window shades?

  • Honeycomb Cellular Shades
  • Pleated Shades
  • Roller Shades
  • Solar Screen Shades
  • Horizontal Sheer Shades
  • Roman Shades
  • Woven Wood Shades
  • Skylight Shades
  • Exterior Porch Shades
  • RV/Motorhome Shades


What are the best shades for windows?

Honeycomb Cellular shades if you need efficiency, privacy or room darkening. Offer a traditional look.

Roller shades for room darkening or light filtering and still provide privacy. More contemporary look.

Solar Screen partial UV blockage, openness from 1% - 14%. 1% for the tightest weave least view ~ 14% most open and clearest view.

Horizontal Sheers elegant, best of both worlds sheer to see out and when closed offers full privacy

Roman offers softer look ~ fabric functional covering, looks like a finished valance look when up, offering full privacy when down.

Woven Wood gives a earthy feel, natural fibers, open weaves for view, folds like a roman shade, looks like a finished valance look when up. Privacy and Blackout liners can be added on some.

Skylight offers light filtering and room darkening cellular shade, fully operable to clear the skylight as well.

Exterior Porch are used for exterior living spaces.

Powder coated and weather resistant. Motorized and manual operation RV Shades are used for mobile spaces, slow up roller shades or motorized and tension pleated shades day/night


What type of window shades are in style right now?

Currently the Honeycomb cellular shades are the best insulation. Roller shades, solar screen give a more contemporary feel ~ simple design, and clean appearance. Horizontal Sheers are elegant and transitional.


What brand of shades is best?

We are not Brand specific but we do carry products from Comfortex, Bali and Good Housekeeping (seal of approval with the Good Housekeeping). Our products are private label.


What are the parts of window shades called?

Window shades have a head rail body (fabric) and bottom rail.


What is difference between blinds and shades?

Blinds open and close ~ louvers, slats and vanes open and close offering view and privacy. Shades lift and lower ~ either covered or not.

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