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Upgrade Guide

Learn what each upgrade is for and why you would need to purchase it. Each upgrade is grouped by application or function. Choose the desired function listed below.

Blinds Education

Become a window blinds expert. Learn how to choose blinds for your specific window covering application.

Compare us to the National Brands

Same Quality, Lower Price!
At Blinds Chalet we offer the highest quality window blinds and shades. Look for the quality star rating next to each product.

Shop with us and save on your window coverings. Our products come with the same quality as the national brands at a fraction of the cost.

How to Choose the Right Blind

Not sure which blind or shade is right for you?
When choosing the right blinds, each window covering has advantages and disadvantages. Whether you are trying to block light, conserve energy, or just need a little more privacy, let us help you find out which window blind is right for you.

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 Express/Cutdown vs. Quick Ship
 Express Production vs. 2 Day/Overnight Shipping

 Economy vs. Quality

 Which Blind to Choose?
 Faux Wood Blinds vs. Real Wood Blinds
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