Window Blinds Less than 10 Inches

Where can I find window blinds less than ten inches wide ?
Blinds Chalet carries many window blinds less than 10 inches wide ideal for sidelight or narrow windows. Whether you are looking for real wood blinds, faux wood blinds, honeycomb shades or other window blinds, let us help you find a narrow window treatment. If you are looking for a specific window blind we may also help track the window treatment you need.

Here are just a few of our window treatments available in sizes less than 10 inches:

Faux wood blinds

Classic 2" Faux Wood Blinds
Embassy 2" Faux Wood Blinds
Privacy 2" Faux Wood Blinds
Express 2" Faux Wood Blinds
Privacy 2 1/2" Faux Wood Blinds
QUICK SHIP - Tapered Slat 2 1/2" Faux Wood
Platinum 2" Faux Wood Blinds
Signature Composite 2" Faux Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds

Aspen 2" Faux Wood Blinds
Premium 2" Basswood Blinds
Embassy 2" Wood Blinds
1 Inch Wood Blinds

Cell Shades

Premier 9/16" Blackout Single Cell Shades
Premier 9/16" Translucent Single Cell Shades
Premier 7/16" Translucent Double Cell Shades
Good Housekeeping 3/8" Lt.Filter Double Cell Shade
Good Housekeeping 1/2" Lt.Filter Single Cell Shade
Good Housekeeping 1/2" Blackout Single Cell Shades
Good Housekeeping 3/4" Lt.Filter Single Cell Shade
Good Housekeeping 3/4" Blackout Single Cell Shades
See Through Vertical Blinds

I am Looking for vertical blinds that you can see out but no one can see in.
perforated vertical blinds

Close up of a perforated vertical blind slat.
What you are looking for would be our Perforated Vertical Blinds which come with PVC vanes which have small pin holes. These small hose make the vanes similar to a screen which allow you to see through them when it's light outside.

For the record let us just state that any window covering which you can see though will not provide complete privacy. During the daytime you will be able to see out without others seeing in but at night when it's dark outside it is reversed. Keep this in mind with any screen window covering.

Screen vertical blinds or perforated blinds are great for offices or other rooms with large windows which you want filter light, reduce glare but still be able to see outside.

You may also consider our screen roller shades. They come in screen fabrics with varied openness in a wide selection of colors and styles.
Model T Roll Up Shades

Is there any way you can silk screen a Model T Ford Touring Car, with Old Ford script below it on a roll up shade? I have a window in my shop that the afternoon sun is always in my eyes at work bench.
Silk Screen BlindsAlthough we do not carry a window shades with a Model T car printed on it, we can custom print any design on our custom graphic roller shades. You simply supply the image and design and we will print it on a window shade for you. If you provided us with the image we could print Model T Window Shades.

Our custom printing allows you to design any window shade. Choose from a family photo, a scenic image or your store logo. Ideal for store signage such as specials, store hours and more.

Note: If the logo or design is trademarked you will need to provide proof that you own the trademarked item.
RV Blinds for Airstream Travel Trailer

I am interested in putting blinds in an airstream travel trailer that I have. Do you have a method of mounting your blinds in an RV?
RV Roller ShadesYes, we carry a full line of RV blinds & shades. Each window blind comes with the necessary mounting hardware and are specially designed for trailers, campers, motorhomes and other RVs.

When mounting window shades in RVs you will want to make they are secured with tie downs to keep them in place when traveling. Choose from cell shades, roller shades or pleated shades. Blinds Chalet is your source for RV window blinds and shades.
Levolor Blinds - Levelor Blinds

Do you carry Levolor blinds?
Levolor BlindsYes we do carry the brand Levolor Blinds!

Levolor introduced the original mini blind in 1914 and has become synonymous with quality, style, and innovative design in mini-blinds. Levolor is actually a brand but is sometimes used to reference mini blinds as a whole, similar to the way Kleenex is used for tissue. Blinds Chalet offers a wide selection of mini blinds and other window coverings. If you are looking specifically for the Levolor brand we do offer Levolor in aluminum mini blinds but we also carry other types window blinds.

Levolor also manufacturers more than just aluminum blinds such as roman shades and honeycomb shades although they are most know for their original product.

Mini blinds as well is a term sometimes used to reference window blinds as a whole. Mini blinds are typically aluminum blinds but can also reference other horizontal blinds such as faux wood blinds and real wood blinds.

Blinds Chalet offers top quality mini blinds at discount prices. Shop online and get free shipping with each order and save!
American Made Blinds

Happy New Year! Before I consider shopping on your site and spending my money with you, can you please tell me where the blinds are made? My New Years resolution is to support American made products and support companies that care about America!
The majority of our blinds and shades are made in the USA. Some of our manufacturers designate where they get their parts and what portion of the blinds are made in America. If you want to be sure that the product you are ordering is made in America shop our American made blinds.

Blinds Chalet is proud to support our local economy and companies here in the USA! We have partnered with US companies to provide the best quality and to get you your product faster from local companies. Although the majority of our blinds are actually manufactured within the US some are made with more US parts than others. Our made in USA products page shares the percentage of American parts used in production so you know before ordering! Buy online, save big and support or local American economy!
Rattan Bamboo Shades Blinds with Liner/Lining

Do rattan bamboo shades blinds come with a lining for thermal protection?

Rattan Blinds with linerOur standard rattan blinds do not come with a privacy or thermal liner. Each rattan shade does have an optional upgrade to add either a privacy or a blackout liner which also ads some insulation.

Most of the bamboo blind liners come attached to the blinds them self so they raise and lower with the blinds. Some of the woven wood shades offer a movable liner which allows the liner to be raised and lowered independant of the blinds. The advantage of this is when the liner is raise while the rattan shades are lowered the blinds filter light and still provide privacy during the day. You can lower the liner at night for privacy.

Also on our Tavarua bamboo shades we are currently offering free liners on purchases of 4 or more shades so now is a good time to buy if you want to add the liners.
Patio Door Blinds - French Door Blinds

I have a condo and in the main living are there are 2 sets of patio doors that are covered with 1 inch metal Venetian blinds. I would like to upgrade to wood but cannot fit a 2 inch blind on the patio doors. I want to keep the look the same on all the doors and windows as it is an open area and I want to keep the continuity. what would you suggest?
1 inch blinds for patio doorsWe carry both wood and faux wood blinds that come in a 1 inch slat. You can mount 2 inch blinds on a french door but they extend out farther from the door into the room than 1 inch blinds. The smaller slat blinds offer a slim elegant look to your doors.

Each blind can be attached at the bottom of the door with hold down brackets. This will keep the blinds secure as the door opens and closes. Because each of our blinds are custom made make sure you order the blinds with both the lift and the tilt controls on the same side as the door hinges. This will prevent the cords from getting in the door as it closes.
Blackout Panel Track Blinds & Roller Shades

I am interested in your Blackout Panel Track Blinds. Do you have matching roller shades in the black with black backing Suntec?
panel track blinds
Yes, our Suntec panel track fabric is also available as a roller shade. Most of the fabrics within our panel track blinds can also be made as roller shades. Here is the link to our matching Blackout Vinyl Roller Shades. Most of the fabric colors within this blackout roller shade come with a neutral white backing. This product also has a black on black fabric which is a blackout vinyl fabric with black on both sides.

Panel track blinds use the same fabrics as our roller shades and solar screen shades. Roller shades are designed to roll on a top at the top of the window frame while panel track blinds is made with panels of fabric that stack the sides of the window frame making them ideal for very large windows such as sliding glass doors.
Motorized Blinds

Can you do motorized blinds?
remote control blindsYes. Blinds Chalet carries a full line of motorized blinds and shades including wood blinds, cell shades, roller shades and more. Choose from our standard battery motors or upgrade to motors that run off your homes electricity. Each window blind can be operated with a hand held or wall mount remote control. Each remote can operate a single blind or a group of blinds.

Wood blinds are typically a motorized tilt control while our other shades raise and lower. If you can't find the window blind you want just ask. We have design consultants available to assist you. At Blinds Chalet we can custom build just about any motorized window shade you need and not everything we carry is available on the website. Give us a call today!
Woven Wood Shades Liners

What is the depth difference in the attached vs. moveable liners on the Tavarua Woven Wood Shades?
Bamboo shades with moveable linerBecause the woven wood fabric does not always provide complete privacy, bamboo shades come with optional privacy liners. The liners can either come attached to the shades or be a separate independent liner.

The attached liner is usually sew onto the back of the bamboo shades and is raised and lowered with the operation of the shades.

A moveable liner is simply a separate shade that shares the same headrail with the woven wood shades. This liner comes with it's own lift cord and can be operated independent of the bamboo shade. This has pros and cons. In order to see out the window, two shades must be raised however, the liner can be raised with the bamboo shade lowered. This allows filtered light to pass through the shades and let light in while still providing some privacy.

Look for our free liners with the purchase of four or more Tavarua bamboo shades. With free shipping and free edge binding our prices are hard to beat. Buy your bamboo shades today!
SlumberShades Blackout Double Cell Shades

ComforTrack 3/8" Blackout Double Cell Shades.

My wife wants the bedroom completely dark. I want to use the windows at either side of the bed. Can your Comfort Track double cell blind provide 100% room darkening when closed?
SlumberShades Blackout ShadesThe fabric on the ComforTrack Blackout Double Cell Shades are made to block light from passing through them. The side tracks however are not designed to block light. They are for insulation purposes. Our SlumberShades however are designed with both blackout fabric and blackout sidetracks to block all the light. They are basically the same shades but with different side tracks

SlumberShades are the official window coverings of the National Sleep Foundation and are perfect for bedrooms or areas where you don't want light. Normal black out shades allow light to pass through between the shades and the window frame. SlumberShades with the added blackout sidetracks block that light as well for a complete blackout shade.

Buy online, get free shipping and save on your order of blackout SlumberShades today!
Best Noise Reduction Shades

I'm interested in your best noise reduction shades.
SlumberShadesThe best noise reduction shades we carry would be those that are the best insulators. Honeycomb shades are designed with insulating fabric to reduce energy bills. Our ComforTrack shades add side tracks for even more insulation making them the best insulators. Although they will not block all noise and sound adding insulating blinds will help.

Sound can affect sleep as can light. Blinds Chalet also carries the SlumberShades, the official window covering of the National Sleep Foundation. SlumberShades are similar to the Comfortrack but come with blackout tracks as well as blackout fabric. These window shades are ideal for sleeping areas and home theaters or anywhere you want it dark.

Whatever your needs, Blinds Chalet is sure to have the right window covering to help. Shop online at reduced prices and get free shipping. Buy your noise reduction shades today!
Natural Material Blinds

I am looking for natural material blinds and wondered what you carry?
bambooBlinds Chalet offers a wide selection of natural bamboo shades made from simple bamboo as well as other natural materials such as rope, jute, and grass. These items make each blind unique because of the natural patterns created by the materials used. Weaving different items together creates a wide range of fabric patterns and styles. Shop from simple bamboo shades to more intricate fabrics that add grasses and jute to the blinds. These items can also be stained to add color to the shades.

Because woven wood shades are made from all sustainable natural materials they are eco-friendly. Bamboo grows very rapidly and replenishes itself. Our Tavarua woven wood shades for instance are cut from natural forests that grow back over time. Not only do these natural blinds look good they are easy on the environment!

Watch for our many promotions we offer on our bamboo shades including free shipping, free edge binding and free liners. Our prices are the best around and our quality is excellent. Buy you natural material blinds from Blinds Chalet and you will be not be disappointed!
Best Nursery Blinds - Child Safe Blinds

I having a baby and am decorating our nursery. What are the best nursery blinds?
cordless blindsThe best nursery blinds would be any of our cordless products. Dangling cords can be dangerous around pets and children. Blinds Chalet carries a wide range of cordless blinds and shades including cell shades, roller shades and more.

Consider where you place the crib and other furniture location with small children. Make sure window coverings are not within reach. When if comes to pet or child safety blinds without cords are always the best option.

Cordless blinds still use cords but they are contained within the blinds eliminating harmful, dangling cords. The cordless lift uses a special mechanism within the shades to raise and lower them by simply using the bottom rail of the blinds.

Our child safe blinds come with free shipping and are delivered right to your door at prices lower than the hardware store. Shop online at Blinds Chalet for cordless blinds and save!
Blinds and Shades for Very Large Windows

I am trying to figure out the best window blinds or shades for very large windows. What do you recommend?
Panel Track BlindsTraditional window blinds and shades including 2" blinds that pull upwards won't work well on very large windows. They gather at the top and get in the way not to mention they become heavy. The most popular window blind for very large windows are vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are designed to traverse large spans such as patio or sliding doors because they stack to the sides of the window.

Because vertical blinds are not the most aesthetically pleasing window coverings we offer other options for your large windows including sliding panel track blinds and bamboo drapery panels.

Panel track blinds come in various fabrics including screen fabric and bamboo or privacy and blackout fabrics. Panel track blinds, like vertical blinds stack to the sides of the window. Rather than small vanes, panel track blinds come with larger panels for a cleaner look.

Bamboo drapery panels are another great alternative. They come with grommets to attach at the top to a drapery rod and simply slide to the side of the patio door.

Whatever you needs for very large window blinds, Blinds Chalet is sure we can help. Buy your blinds online and save!
See Through Roll Up Shades

I am looking for see through roll up shades. What choices do I have?
Screen Roller ShadesBlinds Chalet carries many choices for see through roll up shades. We have an entire category of roller shades made with screen fabric called solar screen shades. Now we offer outdoor see through roller shades for those looking to get a break from the heat.

The screen fabric used varies in the tightness of the weave. In the window covering industry this is referred to as the "openness" of the screen fabric. Blinds Chalet carries screen roller shades ranging from the tightest weave of a 1% openness to a 14% openness screen. The tighter the weave the more privacy and the more they block the view. The looser the weave or the higher openness factor the more light passes through the shades and the less privacy they provide.

A key factor with screen roller shades is that they are see through. They will provide privacy during the day when it is lighter outside but when the interior is light and it is dark outside they can be seen through.

Whatever your needs, Blinds Chalet is sure to have a screen roller shade to meet your needs. Shop online, get free shipping and save on your purchase of see through roll up shade!
Motor Coach Blinds and Shades

Do you carry window blinds for mobile homes and RVs? I am looking for motor coach blinds and wondered what you have to offer.
Motor Coach BlindsBlinds Chalet carries a complete line of RV blinds and shades that are designed for motor coachs and other RVs. Each window blind is custom built to fit the windows in your recreational vehicle and are made for a mobile environment. Whether you need window blinds for your camper, trailer, motorhome or any other RV we can help.

Blinds Chalet has different grades of window treatments for motor coaches. Choose from basic mini blinds, pleated shades or roller shades. Our window shades come in blackout fabrics or day night shades. Day night shades are simply two shades in one with both a blackout fabric for the night and a light filtering or a screen fabric for the day time. We also carry basic screen roller shades that block light while not blocking the view.

Whatever your needs, Blinds Chalet is sure to have a solution for your motor coach blinds. Give us a call and let us help you with your motor coach blinds. Shop online, get free shipping and save big on your purchase today!
Norman Woodlore Shutters with Clearview

Do you carry the Norman Woodlore shutters without the closing bar. They are gear operated?
Norman Woodlore with Cleaview Tilt ControlYes we can order the Norman Woodlore shutter with the clearview tilt control. The Norman Woodlore comes standard with a front tilt control bar with an optional upgrade to the clearview tilt. The clearview is a hidden tilt control using a gear mechanism that is on the backside of the louvers on the edges. This tilt control blocks less view for a cleaner look to the plantation shutters.

Norman Woodlore Shutters are made from synthetic materials but look like real wood shutters. The synthetic material is specifically designed to withstand heat and moisture better than real wood.

Each shutter is custom built to your window specifications. If you are looking for an option that is not listed such as the clearview tilt give us a call and we can adjust your order for you. Buy online at Blinds Chalet and save big on your purchase of Norman Woodlore shutters!

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