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Are Curved Blinds Better Than Flat Blinds?
When it comes to choosing the window blind that gives better look and light control, you also have to consider the shape of the slat more than its width. Window blinds come in various slat shapes. There are two styles or shapes of window blinds: curved blinds or flat blinds.
As to which between curved blinds and flat blinds is better depends really on your personal taste. Each has advantages and disadvantages of its own which we will explore in this article.

When To Choose Flat Blinds?

The most common flat blinds are the faux wood blinds. They resemble the look and feel of traditional wood blinds but don’t give you the worry of warping as they are not really made out of wood materials. Faux wood blinds come with flat slats that allow a small amount of light to pass into the room when the blinds are tilted shut. Hence, you must choose flat blinds if you find a dark room uncomfortable. Additionally, you can choose flat blinds for rooms that still need light even when blinds are completely shut off like the kitchen and dining room.

When To Choose Curved Blinds?

Curved blinds have curved slats that bend the light down and prevent it from getting through when the slats are completely closed. As the slats are curved, curved blinds give you maximum light and privacy control. The curves of either side of the slats of curved blinds fit together when the blind is tilted shut. Thus, very little light can seep through when you close the curved blinds.

Choose curved blinds, if you want your room completely dark when the blinds are shut. For example, get curved blinds when you need a window covering for your home theater room.

What Are The Flat Blinds Options From Blinds Chalet?

Enjoy flat blinds from Blinds Chalet through its Platinum faux wood blinds. These blinds provide the appeal of real wood blinds with a price that is more affordable. As they are made with flat PVC, they are easy to clean, extremely durable and can resist warping.

What Are The Curved Blinds Options From Blinds Chalet?

Blinds Chalet offers two curved blinds options:
1. S-Curve Vertical blinds
The S-curve vertical blinds come with curved vanes for tighter closure and therefore more privacy. Upon purchase of the S-curve vertical blinds, you’ll enjoy a matching dust cover valance; a self-aligning carrier to keep the vanes aligned; and durable mechanisms for tighter closure and longevity.

2. Smooth PVC Vertical Blinds
These curved blinds are an excellent choice for home, apartments or office locations. They come with curved and smooth PVC, various cord control options, and steel head rail. You can choose between the 22 gauge PVC vanes (Legends PVC Vertical Blinds) or the 28 gauge PVC vanes (Contractor PVC Vertical Blinds).

If you feel the need to learn more about window blinds slat designs or are confused between curved blinds or flat blinds, work with one of Blind Chalet’s design consultants. Ask a decorator today to explore what type of window covering is right for you. For faster responses contact us at (888) 633-7840 during regular business hours (M-F 6am to 5pm, Sat 6am to 2pm PST).
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