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Bali Blinds, Shades, and Shutters are the window coverings you need in your house to transform it from a house to a home. With Bali Blinds design and attention to detail you will get a window covering that will compliment and greatly enhance the appearance of your home.

Bali window coverings come in many different diverse colors and styles providing an option to be able to find which window covering fits the specific preferences someone may have regarding functionality, but also the way a specific window covering looks in your home. Some of these Bali window covering selections that we carry are wood blinds, faux wood blinds, cellular shades, and woven wood shades to name a few.

Bali wood blinds are unique in the way they first are crafted, but also treated. These wood blinds are personalized and unique. The wood used for these blinds is sourced from North America. Once harvested a special kiln drying process happens to ensure these wood blinds will hold up when exposed to humid or moist environments to avoid warping. As well these blinds are treated with a special UV protectant to prevent fading and other damage associated with the sun.

Bali faux wood blinds are a much more affordable alternative to wood blinds. Bali faux wood blinds are made of fine materials and give you a durable blind that has the feel and look of wood while staying within your budget. Bali faux wood blinds are extremely versatile, humidity resistant meaning they are perfect for any environment, and they come in a wide range of solid and woodgrain colors.

Bali cellular shades are excellent for giving your home a modern and posh look. One of the main properties and highlights of cellular shades is how they have such a lightweight profile, while offering remarkable insulation. Bali cellular shades are very energy efficient meaning with Bali cellular shades your monthly energy bill will be much lower.

Woven wood shades from Bali will turn your home into a paradise retreat. These shades come in different colors and also textures adding another dimension to personalization of style. Made of a variety of exotic and renewable resources. Bali woven wood shades are sure to add style and class to your home.

One of the key components of the entire Bali product lineup is there increased focus and emphasis on child safety. Many of the Bali blinds and shades come with a cordless control option this is extremely helpful when considering child safety. Corded blinds can be dangerous because of the possibility of having the cord tangle around a child.

Many upgrade options exist for Bali window coverings to not only make sure these window coverings fit your home but also so you get a window covering that is as personalized as possible. Such as different control options which include a cord tilt, with cord lift, a wand tilt with cord lift, a wand tilt with cordless lift, and a motorized tilt with cord lift. Another upgrade option is being able to put three blinds on one headrail. This is especially helpful when it comes to larger windows that you want flexibility, and a uniformed and unified look. Other upgrade options exist specific to the window blinds or shades including valances and for some different privacy options.

The many different offerings of Bali Blinds all offer great insulation and even greater savings on your energy bill. Due to the insulation properties of the blinds and shades offered by Bali. Your home will stay much cooler and at a constant temperature during the summer, while retaining heat and being warmer during the winner.

Bali Blinds is American owned and operated out of Middletown, Wisconsin.They are a part of Spring Window Fashions. Bali Blinds is a proud supporter of American workers and this has been there practice for the past 20+ years. Supporting the local community, and American workers. Blinds Chalet is thrilled to offer their customers nearly the entire Bali line of products.

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