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Lexi Westingate is an interior designer and writer. She graduated from the American Institute of Interior Design in 2007 and has been working with Blinds Chalet ever since. During her time in school, she worked with several interior design companies locally in Scottsdale, Arizona in order to accelerate her learning and gain experience. This proved to be valuable as she learned important design techniques for both residential and commercial properties. Her passions include: interior design, window treatments, writing, photography, history, gardening, yoga and shopping. She spends her down time in her garden with her dog Marty.

Lexi oversees Blinds Chalet’s Contractor and Designer Program. These programs focus on taking care of the interior designers and contractors that purchase through Blinds Chalet. Under her direction, this program continues to expand all across America. Her infectious attitude and passion for design in general made her the perfect candidate for Blinds Chalet.

Lexi personally trains all of Blinds Chalet’s design consultants in product features, looks, uses and options. Her depth of knowledge on window treatment materials, uses and designs is unmatched.

Lexi also helps our product design team with the room shots that Blinds Chalet uses in a lot of their product images on the website. Her favorite product line to work with is the John Gidding Collection. It offers modern and unique takes on window shades. The collection is perfect for anyone wanting to improve the look of his or her home.

Miss Westingate is also one of our writers for the website. She writes detailed research papers that are contained in our knowledge base. She also writes product descriptions for some of our most popular products and will occasionally add valuable insight on our blog. Some of her research-based articles are linked below.

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