Windows and doors are important for homes and businesses. Doors provide an entry point into a building. Windows are important because they can provide a way for sunlight to be seen inside and while opened can provide additional ventilation. However, equally important is the need for window and door safety.

Doors and windows need to have proper locks to prevent unauthorized entry into a home or business. In addition, it is important that additional safety precautions are taken to ensure that children will be safe when in the building. Having children around windows and doors requires that parents and guardians be aware of their children's actions, and ensure that they are not able to push through a window and potentially fall out. Also important is that doors remain locked so that children cannot leave without their parent's knowledge and that no fingers or toes will be caught in the doors.

Taking proper precautions with windows and doors is just a part of an overall strategy to keep homes and businesses safe. In addition to keeping doors and windows closed and locked when the building is not occupied, people need to look out for strange people hanging out near buildings. Also, at your residence never let strangers into your house. Burglars are always looking for an opportunity to look at possible robbery targets, and keeping them out of your home will help keep your property safe and secure.

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Article written by Lexi Westingate
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