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Horizontal Blinds - How to Remove Additional Slats
Horizontal blinds can be shortened in length by removing excess wood slats. Each of our window blinds come custom made to your specifications and do not need any adjustment. This process is simple and takes just a few steps.... more

Horizontal Blinds - Repair Broken Wood or Faux Wood Blinds - Won't Tilt Open or Closed
If your 2 inch wood blind or faux wood blind quits tilting open and close there is often a simple fix for this. First pull the blind all the way up and tight to the headrail.
  1. Carefully remove your valance form the horizontal blinds.
  2. Unhinge the box end bracket and remove the blind from the window. Looking down into the top of the blind check the cords running length wise through the headrail.
  3. Are they tangled? Are any of the cords caught between the hardware and they headrail? If so carefully untangle or unhook the cord that is trapped or tangled.
If that does not work you may need a new tilter mechanism. The tilter mechanism is located on either the far left or right side of the headrail. There will be a metal rod running the entire length of the headrail and through the middle of this mechanism. Slide the rod carefully to the left or right to move it out of the tilter mechanism.... more

Lowering New Horizontal Blinds for the First Time
Sometimes when horizontal blinds are manufactured the lift cords are pulled to tight. The result is that when they are lowered the first time they will not release.... more

Window Shade Repair - How To Change a Blind Wand/Cord Tilter
Occasionally the tilter mechanism on a horizontal window shade is damage or breaks due to use. Here is the basic instructions for removing and replacing the a window shade cord or wand tilter on horizontal window blinds.... more

Repair Vertical Blinds - Vane is Twisted
If one of your vanes on your vertical blinds is twisted and not in line with the rest here is a simple way to adjust them. Each vertical blind is different. Some vertical blinds will self align just by twisting them closed in one direction and then reversing and closing them in the other. If this does not fix your problem you can try to manually adjust the vertical blind vanes. Reach up to the headrail of the blinds and twist the stem that holds the vane so that it is even with the other vertical blind vanes. DO NOT force it, some vertical blinds adjust differently and cannot be twisted in this manner.... more

Window Blinds Repair - How To Replace A Cord Tilt
Window blinds typically come with either cord or wand tilt. The blind tilt mechanism is the control that makes the blind slats tilt. This article will discuss the basic steps on how to replace a tilter mechanism and repair blinds.... more

How To Trim or Cut Down Window Blinds That Are Too Wide
Occasionally window blinds are mis-measured and are too large to fit in the window frame. Most horizontal blinds such as wood blinds and faux wood blinds can be trimmed or cut down to the right width so they can be installed. Follow these easy steps to cut down your blinds.... more

Roller Shades - How To Repair Spring Functions
Spring roller shades are designed with a hollow metal tube at the top usually made of aluminum. The fabric of the roll-up shades wrap around the metal tube. Inside the metal tube of the roller shades on one side is a spring that can be adjusted for proper tension to raise and lower the window shade. As you pull the roll-up blinds down a ratchet in the tube catches and holds the spring, keeping the shades at the position you lower them. The opposite sides of the window shades just has a pin that rotates on a mounting bracket.... more

Horizontal Blinds - Repairing and Replacing a Worn Lift Cord
Horizontal blinds come with lift cords that raise and lower the blinds. Whether it is aluminum blinds, wood blinds, or faux wood blinds, the basic lift cord mechanisms are the same. Over time lift cords can wear. Here are some easy steps to replacing the broken or damaged cords on horizontal blinds.... more

How to Child Proof Window Blinds
Older window blinds made before 2001 should be repaired or retrofitted so that they are child safe blinds. Window blinds made before 2001 could be hazardous to small children. We strongly recommend replacing all window coverings made before 2001 but if you would like to child proof you window blinds here are some basic steps:... more

How to Change a Cord Lock Lift Mechanism on a Blind
Start out by removing your valance from the window by unclipping it at the bottom first and then at the top if you have clear valance clips or by pushing up on the back of the valance from the bottom if you have the white hidden valance clips. ... more

How to Shorten a Cordless Cell Shade
Express Cordless Cellular shades are cut down in width to your desired size, and the length can be adjusted at home. Please follow these easy steps to customize your shades to your desired window length.... more

Replacing Cord on Continuous Cord Loop
Occasionally over time cords get damaged or wear out with any window covering. Follow these easy steps to replace the damaged cord with a new one. Here are some basic steps on how to replace the cord on a damaged continuous cord loop.... more

How to Retro-fit Roman Shades for Safety
retrofit roman shade clipsBecause the lift cords that run along the back of roman shades pose a potential chocking hazard to small children, the WCMA/WCSC and CPSC have come up with a temporary solution. This may not work for everyone as it removes the lift cords in the shades. The roman shades must then be raised manually without a cord and then a metal clip inserted to keep them raised.... more

Repair Broken Mini Blinds Slats
Have a damaged horizontal blind slat? Occasionally wood or faux wood blind slats can break or aluminum mini blinds can bend. Most manufacturers will provide an additional slat at the bottom of the blinds that can be used to repair these horizontal blinds. Follow these easy step on how to fix those damaged blinds.... more

Mounting Horizontal Window Blinds That Are The Wrong Size
What can be done if you have ordered the wrong size window blinds? We have discussed how to cut down window blinds or remove extra slats from window blinds that are made too large.... more

How to Trim Vertical Blinds
If the vanes on a vertical blind are too long they can be trimmed to the correct length. Because the vanes are made from a thin pvc vinyl material they are easy to cut.... more

How To Add a Liner To Bamboo Shades
Bamboo shades without a liner offer little privacy and simply filter the light. The amount of light that passes between each of the woven wood bamboo slats will vary based on the pattern and size of the bamboo. For instance woven grass shades offer less privacy than thicker bamboo shades. If you have existing bamboo shades, adding a privacy or blackout liner is possible with these easy steps. ... more

How to Shorten Bamboo Blinds
Woven wood shades can be shortened when the length is too long. Bamboo shades with liners and edge binding are more difficult than standard bamboo shades such as our Tavarua Basics Bamboo Shades. To shorten standard woven wood shades follow these easy steps:... more

How to Re-string Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds come in various sizes and types. Ranging from aluminum blinds, faux wood blinds, or real wood blinds. Over time the lift cords can wear and break from use. Replacing the cords yourself can save money. ... more

How To Fix Bent Aluminum Mini Blinds
One of the disadvantages of aluminum mini blinds is the slats easily bend. Whether you have children, pets, or just accidentally bend them through operation of cleaning them we have all seen bent aluminum blinds. Because aluminum retains its shape after it has been bent, it is impossible to make restore its original shape perfectly. Here are a few simple steps to repair the bent slats to its original shape.... more

How To Fix Hard To Twist Wand Tilt Control
Horizontal blinds that operate with a tilt control vary from aluminum blinds, wood blinds, or faux wood blinds. Tilt controls can vary from either a cord tilter or a wand tilt. Venetian blinds can open by either raising them or by tilting them. Occasionally the tilt control can become hard to use over time. Follow these steps to make window blinds open easier.... more

Window Treatments for Greenhouses
Greenhouses are incredible sources of light and warmth in the winter. However, winter nights, even with double paned windows can suck the warmth right out of the house. In the summertime without appropriate window treatments, greenhouse windows can literally cook a house, spiking the need for air conditioning and fans that drain precious energy resources.... more

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