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The New Simplicity of Window Coverings Affords Customers Endless Choices
There is a new attitude in the world of window treatments and blinds are quickly becoming the choice for home decorators because they are sleek and simple, and much of the hardware has gone high tech.... more

Energy Efficient Window Treatments - Energy Conservation Tips From Blinds Chalet
Energy efficient window treatments can translate into considerable utility bill savings. Though windows can be an attractive feature in any home, they can also account for 10% to 25% of a family's heating bill.... more

Blinds Chalet Blinds Help Conserve Energy as Winter Comes to a Close
Blind Chalet has many different kinds of blinds offering different degree's of energy conservation. Blinds can be a great way to prevent energy loss and gain, especially in the winter. There are many types of blinds that help to keep energy inside a specific room, not to mention an entire dwelling. Blinds Chalet hopes to show customers how easy it can be conserve energy during the winter months with implementation of window coverings.... more

Honeycomb Cellular Shades Are One Of Many Energy Efficient Window Shades
Honeycomb cellular shades can be a great window shade that is both aestheically pleasing and conserves energy during both winter and summer. Window blinds do make a difference. Blind Chalet has created an energy calculator to give customers an idea of the savings your home could receive based on your square footage.... more

When Window Blinds Go Bad
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and other organizations have designated October as Window Covering Safety Month, emphasizing the importance of well designed, safe window blinds. ... more

New 2 ½” Wooden Venetian Blinds
Platinum 2 1/2” Wood Blinds are now available. These wooden venetian blinds are made of oak wood with hand rubbed oil based stains. They are 40% thicker than traditional blinds and are created with a resistance to warping. The platinum wooden venetian blinds come in fifteen varieties of stains and colors from Mellow Beech to Black Walnut and decorative tapes are available for an added boost of color.... more

Blackout Window Shades See Rise in Popularity During Summer Months.
Blackout Window Shades have become the must-have window blinds for the summer time. These blinds block light and heat, reducing fading from UV rays and glare and eye strain from computer screens. Below are a variety of the types of blackout blinds available on the market and the benefits of each one:... more

Window Shades and Blinds May Help Reduce the Migraines
Window shades and blinds may reduce the occurrence of migraines. A recent study by Missouri State University’s Center for Biomedical and Life Sciences discovered “REM (rapid eye movement) sleep deprivation caused increased expression of the proteins which are known to play an important role in initiating and sustaining chronic pain,” reports The National Sleep Foundation.... more

Window Treatments for Mountain Living
Mountain living offers different challenges for decorating than other climates. In the mountains, wood expands and contracts depending on the season. The sun’s harsh UV rays have a higher rate of fading furniture and artwork than in other areas of the country. Not to mention, many people want their homes to have a look and feel of a mountain home, so not just any window treatments will work. For others energy efficiency is a priority.... more

Top Five Window Treatments for Nurseries
Bringing home a newborn baby is a life-changing moment. Parents want to offer their children the best life possible, and that starts with setting up a room that will offer comfort, calmness and a peaceful atmosphere. Everything from the color of the paint, to ceiling fans to window treatments can affect mood. Window treatments are especially important in nurseries because they can help control glare, adjust direct or indirect sunlight, provide insulation and more. ... more

The Different Styles of Roman Shades
Roman Shades come in a variety of styles and fabrics. From textured linen to satin to woven wood, roman shades are some of the most elegant window treatments on the market. Their richness and opulence dress up any room and their timeless look accounts for their popularity. The design of Roman Shades makes them energy efficient and most brands are effective at blocking 99% of UV rays. The following are just a few of the more popular styles of Roman Shades available. ... more

Affordable Roller Shades
Roller Shades are an ideal window treatment for homes and offices. They are a perfect compliment for floor-to-ceiling windows and large windows that receive direct sunlight. Their sheer weave design comes in a variety of openness, which refers to the amount of light enters the room. Roller shades maintain views while blocking UV rays and help keep rooms cool. As a mid-summer incentive for homeowners and companies trying to beat the summer heat, some companies are offering discounts on popular roller shades.... more

Window Blinds and Shades Suited To Desert Environments
With one of the hottest summers in years sweeping the nation, people are looking for ways to stay cool in the summer heat. Window treatments are an easy, inexpensive way to help cut air-conditioning costs and to get a little relief from the sun. Below are some of the best blinds for desert living. Get relief from the heat immediately by ordering window treatments and blinds that have one or two-day production times.... more

Benefits of Light Filtering Insulating Blinds
Light filtering blinds offer the benefits of several different blinds in one. These blinds combine the beauty and style of a Roman Shade with the insulating qualities of a Cellular Shade and the light filtering abilities of a Venetian Blind. They really are the all-in-one shades that provide style and more importantly energy efficiency.... more

Wood Cornices
A wood cornice is an additional finish for a window treatment. It sits above a window treatment, shade, blind or drape. The purpose is to enhance the window, create depth and layers and to offer a finished, polished look. Some window treatments come with a standard valance or cornice, however some are offered additionally. These ones tend to have a more decorative flair and are more detailed or intricate in appearance.... more

Express Production Window Shades and Blinds
Designers aren’t the only ones who want window shades and blinds and want them now. People putting their house on the market may need window shades and blinds in order to increase their resale value of the home. If you’re having a wedding anniversary party, or other celebration and want to replace torn or worn window treatments, then you probably need express production window shades and blinds.... more

Bamboo Roller Shades, Woven Wood Shades and Sliding Panels
Bamboo has become increasing popular with consumers for many reasons. The first is bamboo’s sustainability. Harvesting bamboo is nothing like harvesting trees from the forest. Bamboo grows at a faster rate than almost any other plant on earth, up to four inches per day. The next reason bamboo is becoming popular in home decorating is the flavor it brings to a room. Bamboo offers style, as well as an ‘island’ feel.... more

Smart Weave Solar Screen Roller Shades
Have you ever been in a restaurant of office where the sun hits you right in the eyes? You are squinting to see what’s going on, but the strain on your eyes soon gives you a headache. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a solution to the problem? There is. Smart Weave Solar Screen Roller Shades block glare and UV rays. They can be lowered to keep the sun’s rays out, but let light in. They help maintain views, so the room continues to have light unlike drapes or traditional blinds. ... more

Measure the Difference ComforTrack Double Cell Shades Make
Fall is here. Despite record setting high temperatures across the country in the last few weeks, cold weather will be moving in soon. In the mountains, nighttime temperatures are already reaching into the 20’s and 30’s. There is no better time to help insulate drafty windows or single pane windows than with ComforTrack cell shades to keep the cold out and help reduce energy bills.... more

Energy Efficient Shades
With winter coming, many people are looking for energy efficient window treatments to help save money on energy bills. There are a variety of energy efficient window treatments that work to different degrees. Below are a few of the most popular energy efficient shades.... more

Elegant Kitchen Window Blinds
Finding the perfect kitchen window blind can be tricky. The blinds or shades need to look good, be easy to clean and be moisture resistant. Because kitchen cooking can cause a build-up of grease on kitchen window blinds, it’s important to use the right blinds and shades so they don’t need to be replaced every couple of years.... more

Best Noise Reduction Shades
Many people face challenges of noisy neighbors, trains, traffic, airplanes and more. For those who want a little peace and quiet in their homes, noise reduction shades are a perfect remedy. ... more

Tips for Buying Cheap Blinds
It’s getting close to the holidays and people are as interested in saving money for gifts as they are in getting their homes finished for the holidays. Many people end up spending money on window treatments in order to make their home look inviting for family and friends that may be coming to visit.... more

The Good and the Bad of Top Selling Blinds
For those looking to redecorate or update their homes, installing window treatments is the simplest place to start. Updating a home with modern window treatments helps increase the resale value. For those looking to redecorate, blinds and shades can change the feel of a room without an expensive remodel. ... more

Green Window Treatments
Many people ask if there are ways to incorporate eco-friendly window treatments into their home design and still have a stylish appearance. There are. Bamboo offers and exotic flair to homes, while roller and solar shades give a subtle polished appearance to a room. Cell shades are probably the most plain as far as design goes, but the selection of rich, neutral colors are a great compliment to any room.... more

Finding Window Treatment Information On-line
In the past, when some one wanted to know how to dispose of their blinds, or the best way to clean their blinds, they often asked their neighbor or a friend what they did. This was a great system as long as someone in the network knew what to do. Today, the Internet has changed everything. Answers to virtually any question can be found with a few clicks on a keyboard. This is making everyone’s life a lot easier.... more

Top Reasons for Installing Blinds and Shades for the Holiday Season
As holidays roll around and family and friends come to visit, many people feel they spend more time getting the house ready than enjoying the holidays. One of the quickest and most cost-effective methods of updating a home for the holidays is by installing new window blinds and shades. Window blinds and shades can offer a variety of benefits as well as helping a house or home look more finished, more updated and more complete. The following are a few other good reasons to install window treatments before the holidays.... more

Best Ways to Build Romance Over the Holidays
While winter wonderlands and sparkling lights stir romance in many, the realities of guests, kids and shopping often get in the way of holiday romance. It can be hard to feel sexy when a baby has just spit up on you, or you have lists to get done that run a mile long. However, it’s important to remember that our minds and our bodies need to relax in order to stay healthy and feel loved. ... more

Cool Shades
There are tons of blinds, shades and window treatments on the market. There are the energy efficient ones – honeycomb cell shades – the environmentally friendly ones – EcoGreen Roller Shades and bamboo shades – there are the elegant blinds – Roman Shades – and there are the classic blinds – wood blinds. But where are the fun ones? Where are the window treatments that show a little personality?... more

New Year – New Blinds
Sometimes New Years resolutions are made with the best intentions to keep them, but because of financial situations, they sometimes get pushed over from year to year. This year, why not fulfill those resolutions while there are sales and discounted items so that you not only get to cross that item off your list, but you get the sense of accomplishment of doing what you said you were going to do?... more

Cordless Blinds Remove Risks of Strangulation and Death for Children.
Every year children die or are injured from dangling cords attached to window treatments, blinds and shades. The threat comes from kids or pets playing near window treatments where they can become entangled in the cord. While organizations are set up to help educate parents about this issue, we don’t think there can be enough information about children’s safety.... more

Matchstick Shades
Matchstick shades are also known as bamboo shades or woven wood shades. They offer an elegant South Pacific or tropical feel to a room, apartment or guesthouse. Generally, each woven wood shade will be slightly different in appearance as the unique characteristics from each piece of wood will be slightly different.... more

Collegiate Window Shades
I wish these window shades were available when I was in school. Collegiate window shades feature your school’s logo on them. Each school has a number of different logos to choose from, so you can pick your favorite, or the one that goes best with the rest of your décor.... more

Window Treatment Solutions for Seniors
Looking for window treatment solutions for seniors? Some blinds and shades are heavy, difficult to operate or have thin cords that can be problematic to grip. However, there are window treatments out there that provide ease of use. As people age, some may suffer from arthritis and other age related conditions. Opening and closing blinds shouldn’t be difficult for anyone of any age. As such, we have compiled a list of window treatments that are easy to operate, lightweight and still stylish.... more

Benefits of Honeycomb Cellular Shades
Most people have heard of cellular shades for the amazing benefits they offer as far as insulation and light filtering/blocking abilities. What most people don’t realize is that insulation is as crucial during the summer months as during the winter months. During the summer, insulation can help reduce air conditioning bills, keep a home cooler and block the harsh rays of the sun.... more

SlumberShades Rebate
SlumberShades, the official window treatments of the National Sleep Foundation, are being discounted with a $25.00 rebate from select manufacturers throughout the month of March, 2011.... more

Bamboo Blinds
Tavarua bamboo blinds may also be referred to as matchstick blinds or woven wood shades. To create an exotic look, these blinds are woven into a light filtering window covering that is full of character. Each Tavarua woven wood shade comes with color coordinated cords and tassels as well as a matching 6-inch valance. Edge bindings are available for the entire Tavarua line of bamboo blinds to help protect the delicate edges from cracking or breaking.... more

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep with Blackout Blinds, Routless Blinds and More
When I sleep, I want to sleep. I want my room to be dark because hopefully it is night when I am trying to go to sleep. I am fortunate that I sleep during the night and am awake during the day. Many people are not so fortunate. They take jobs where they work partially or completely through the night and have to sleep during the day. When the sun comes up, our bodies tell us we should be awake, even if we have only been sleeping for a few hours. Sleep studies show that people who sleep in dark, quiet rooms get a better night’s sleep than those who sleep in rooms with lots of light or noise. For those who sleep during the day, having the proper window treatments is exceptionally important.... more

Wooden Window Blinds
Wooden window blinds are not the most economical item to purchase, but there are some definite advantages to making them a part of your home décor. As a matter of fact, there are multiple reasons one may prefer wood over plastic.... more

Window Mini Blinds … The Affordable and Easy Solution
Window mini blinds, sometimes referred to as venetian blinds, area a great choice for getting those windows covered in a quick, economical fashion. They offer a durable, lightweight design, and they are available in an array of colors to match even the most eccentric designer’s décor. Some of the advantages of window mini blinds are:... more

Phoenix Blinds – Working Hard to Keep You Cool
Phoenix blinds don’t look much different than any other blinds, but there is a distinct difference between them and window coverings from other parts of the country; Phoenix blinds are the hardest working blinds in the nation. They fight off more sunlight in one month than most blinds will ever see in their lifetime! ... more

Phoenix Blinds – The Sun Blinds Phoenix Windows, So Give Them Sunglasses!
The sun blinds Phoenix residents if they don’t use proper eye protection while outside; especially during the bright summer days. Our eyes have always been considered the “windows to our souls.” Those who live in the Grand Canyon State know how unhealthy it is to go into the light with no protective covering. Our homes have eyes too, in the form of windows! They too, must be covered in order to be protected, as the sunlight pouring into our home’s windows can be ruthless! Put sunglasses on your windows! Just as your eyes need to be covered, so do your windows. Here are a few of the problems that uncovered, unshielded windows can and will cause:... more

Cheap Shades, Arizona … That’s the Answer
When someone hears the word cheap, they may conjure up one of two meanings. It can either mean cheap, as in not well made, easily broken and won’t last long or it can signify that an article can be purchased for a small amount of money. For the purposes of this article, we will talk about shades that don’t cost much money. Here are a few examples of very economic blinds for your home or office that can be purchased very without breaking the bank:... more

In Phoenix AZ Window Treatments and Blinds are a Must
In Phoenix AZ window treatments and blinds are a must. While there are many areas in the country that have a warm climate, the central and southern areas of Arizona stand out as some of the hottest. Throughout the summer, it is not unusual to have days reaching into the 120’s. These extreme temperatures can cause havoc with several aspects of living. The sun beating down takes its toll on your home as well so many other things. The following are a few of the reasons that in Phoenix, AZ window treatments and blinds are a must:... more

Fabric Window Shades – The Decorator’s Candy
Fabric window shades are an amazing addition to any room in your home or office. They are so versatile, and they add a touch of class to any window or door.... more

Tucson blinds
In Tucson, blinds are not just an option, they are a must. Perhaps it would be better to say that window coverings of any sort are a must. While there are many places in this world that heat up in the summer, few of them get hotter than Tucson, Arizona. This can be very detrimental to your home of office environment. Here are a few of the forms of damage that occur when the windows of your home or office go untreated: ... more

Window Treatments
Summertime is upon us, and the sun’s rays are falling much faster, and with greater force, coursing into the windows of any home or office they can find. There are some areas in the world that look forward to this “thaw out,” as they are very cold for most of the year. However, the majority of the world’s cities are filled with occupants that are realizing the importance of good window treatments about now. This, for the sake of this article, is irrelevant, for whether the home of office owner is trying to keep the sun out, or trying to keep the cold out, it still holds true that window treatments are a vital part of owning an office or a home. There are a myriad of choices when treating windows for your home or office:... more

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