In Phoenix AZ window treatments and blinds are a must. While there are many areas in the country that have a warm climate, the central and southern areas of Arizona stand out as some of the hottest. Throughout the summer, it is not unusual to have days reaching into the 120’s. These extreme temperatures can cause havoc with several aspects of living. The sun beating down takes its toll on your home as well so many other things. The following are a few of the reasons that in Phoenix, AZ window treatments and blinds are a must:

  • The sunlight shining in the windows causes high temperatures in the home, causing utility bills to skyrocket; especially during the months from May to September.
  • Uncovered windows allow the sunlight to enter the home and cause fading of décor, including carpeting, drapes and furniture.
  • Windows that are not treated properly compromise your privacy and security, allowing curious eyes that should not be seeing into your domain to peer into your home.
  • Windows with no covering are not as aesthetically pleasing to look at. Proper window coverings enhance the appearance of your home, increasing the value and curb appeal.

Anyone who has lived through an Arizona summer knows that if you park your car in the sunlight and walk away for any amount of time, the heat begins to build up. Soon, it becomes much hotter inside the vehicle than the already scorching outside temperature. This is called the greenhouse effect. The UV rays enter into the car through the windows and heat up the floors, seats, dashboard, etc. The heat cannot escape through the windows that the sunlight came in through, so the temperatures begin to build. If items such as CDs or electronic devices are left on the dashboard they will melt, pure and simple. The way to stop this from occurring is to place a shade on the inside of the windshield to prevent the rays from coming in. Also, it doesn’t hurt to leave the windows cracked open just enough to let some of the heat out as well.

In Phoenix AZ window treatments and blinds are a great way to keep this greenhouse effect from taking place in your home. Just as the vehicle’s windows allow damaging heat rays in, causing the greenhouse effect, your home’s windows will do the same thing. This causes all kinds of issues, but mainly the temperatures will have to be cooled down to make it bearable to exist within your own walls, which can get very costly when the utility bill comes.

The expense of window coverings is minimal, and there are so many to choose from, that it is not difficult to find the right type that fits your home’s needs and décor. There are a wide variety of types of window coverings, as well as textures and colors, so the possibilities are practically endless.

It’s ironic that by keeping your home from creating the greenhouse effect, you are keeping your home more “green” by consuming less energy. In Phoenix AZ window treatments and blinds are just the way to accomplish this.
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