The sun blinds Phoenix residents if they don’t use proper eye protection while outside; especially during the bright summer days. Our eyes have always been considered the “windows to our souls.” Those who live in the Grand Canyon State know how unhealthy it is to go into the light with no protective covering. Our homes have eyes too, in the form of windows! They too, must be covered in order to be protected, as the sunlight pouring into our home’s windows can be ruthless! Put sunglasses on your windows! Just as your eyes need to be covered, so do your windows. Here are a few of the problems that uncovered, unshielded windows can and will cause:

  • A much higher internal temperature in your home, which leads to higher utility bills, or incredible discomfort (your choice). In an office setting, this causes many computer problems as well.
  • Faded interior furnishings; colored furniture, carpeting and other décor cannot hold up against direct sunlight.
  • A lack of privacy; remember that at night, when your home is lit up, your uncovered windows become movie screens for the people outside.
  • A lack of aesthetic value ... bare windows are never as attractive as dressed windows!

Sunglasses for your windows come in a wide array of fashions and designs. Mini blinds, for instance, are an attractive, yet very economical way to cover your windows. Other options include window shades, shutters and draperies. These all come in a vast variety of colors and textures to match the taste of even the most discerning decorator or homeowner.

When you buy sunglasses, you can go to the dollar store and get them for next to nothing. That is, by the way, the level of protection you will get … next to nothing. It is imperative to select a high quality pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes properly. It is the same with your window treatments; the quality counts! If you are going to protect your home’s eyes, be sure to get your window coverings from a company that cares about quality, workmanship and great customer service.

Just as the sun blinds Phoenix residents that don’t cover their eyes properly, it also causes big problems, and even damage, to the interior of your home or office if the windows aren’t covered properly. So give your windows that pair of sunglasses they need and deserve, and put yours on too!
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