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Instructions for Installing Blinds
Instructions on installing various style of window coverings. Because most instructions for installing window coverings are differnt we have provided a list of our products and how to install them.... more
2" and 2 1/2" Horizontal Window Blinds Installation Instructions
When installing horizontal window blinds, the same process can be used when installing all types of horizontal blinds. This page will cover basic installation of our 2 and 2 1/2" blinds.... more

Parts for Installing Horizontal Window Blinds
Below is a list of parts that are used when installing horizontal blinds. Note: You may not receive all the parts listed. You may also receive additional parts that are not needed. We will only send you the horizontal blinds parts for your particular application.... more

Mini Blinds - Instructions for Installation of 1" Aluminum Mini Blinds
1/2 inch micro and 1 or 2 inch aluminum mini blinds installation instructions. This page explains basic installation for aluminum blinds which is similar to installing horizontal wood blinds. Here are some simple steps for installing mini blinds.... more

Vertical Window Blinds Installation Instructions
To install vertical window blinds, please read completely the instructions below before beginning the installation process.... more

Vertical Blinds - Parts for Installing
Below is a list of parts that are used when installing vertical blinds. Note: You may not receive all the vertical blinds parts listed. We will send you the parts you need to install your vertical blinds.... more

Honeycomb Cell Shades - Installation Part 1 of 2
Our honeycomb cell shades are made to be either an inside mount or an outside mount, depending on what you desire. A few tools are required to install your blinds.
  • Measuring Tape
  • Battery or Power Drill
  • ¼ Hex head bit or Phillips driver bit
  • ... more

    Honeycomb Cell Shade Installation - Part 2 of 2
    Part 2 of 2 of instructions of how to install honeycomb cell shades. Simple instructions to install our standard and soft touch honeycomb cell shades.... more

    Honeycomb Shades - Parts For Installing Cellular Shades
    Below is a list of parts that are used when installing cellular honeycomb shades. Different brackets are needed for installing cellular shades with different lift mechanisms.... more

    Bamboo Shades Installation - Part 1 of 2
    This page covers the basic installation for each of the woven wood bamboo shades (standard, premier, platinum) offered at Blinds Chalet . Part 1 of 2... more

    Bamboo Blinds, Woven Wood Shades, Bamboo Shades Installation Instructions
    This page covers the basic installation for each of the bamboo shades, often referred to as woven wood blinds, that Blinds Chalet offers (standard, premier, platinum). Part 2 of 2... more

    Door Blinds - How to Install Hold Down Brackets
    Door blinds need hold down brackets to keep the blinds from bouncing around as the door is opened and closed. Hold down brackets are used at the bottom of outside mount blinds or shades to tie down the bottom of the blind. ... more

    Roman Shades - How To Install
    How to install Roman Shades:... more

    Embassy Wood Blinds - Installing Valance Clips
    The Embassy 2" Wood Blinds come with adjustable hidden valance clips. These valance clips are inserted into the back groove of the window blinds valance. They are also able to level the valance on the window blinds. Follow these simple steps to attach the valance clips to the valance of your window blinds.... more

    How to Install Clip On Drapery Rings
    Hanging draperies, valances, and curtains is easy with the use of clip on drapery rings. Instead off sewing rings onto the curtain, the rings simply clip onto the fabric and slide over the drapery rod. But how to choose the right number of rings and how to install them.... more

    How to Hang Mini Blinds on Metal Doors Without Magnetic Blinds
    When hanging a mini blind on a metal door there are a few different options such as magnetic mini blinds. Magnetic blinds for steel doors attach to the metal door with the use of magnetic brackets. This is a good option for a temporary window blind. The best method and most permanent is to attach the blind using metal screws. Magnetic mini blinds can move over time, while screws will keep the blinds fixed in place.... more

    How to Install Drapery Rings on a Drapery Rod
    Drapery panels can be attached to drapery rods by using drapery rings. Rings can attach to the drapery panels in various ways. Drapery rings can be sewn to to tops of the curtains, attached with clip on rings, or with a hook or prong that is inserted through the top of the panels. ... more

    How to Install Side Mount Blinds
    Installing window blinds as a side mount is simple. This article will explain how to to install honeycomb cellular shades as a side mount using l-brackets.... more

    How To Install the Broadview Shutters and the Sienna Polyclad Shutters
    Assemble the Shutter Frame... more

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