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Aluminum Mini Blinds - Cleaning and Care
When a 1 inch aluminum mini blind or 1/2 inch micro blind needs cleaning there are a few things to keep in mind. Blinds Chalet strongly recommends contacting a sonic blind cleaning company through your local yellow pages. Cleaning a mini blind that has a lot of dust buildup any other way can be messy and very difficult to do. Sonic cleaning is a type of cleaning that uses a very high but silent sound wave to remove dust and dirt.... more

Wood Blinds - Cleaning and Care
Although wood blinds have been stained or painted and sealed, it is not recommended that they get wet. Excessive water can cause the wood blinds to warp and possibly discolor.... more

How to Clean Honeycomb Cell Shades
Pleated or cellular shades should be vacuumed periodically to remove dust that builds up. Using the brush attachment on the vacuum, clean each of the pleats of the honeycomb cell shades.... more

Comfortex Blinds - Cleaning and Care
Comfortex blinds are easy to clean and care for. Whether it is a Serenade roller or roman shade, simple dusting and vacuuming can keep your shades clean for a lifetime. Serenade fabrics are anti-static shades and will actually repel dust.... more

How To Keep Your Window Blinds Static and Dust Free
Want static free, dust free window blinds? Maintaining a dust free home is virtually impossible. However, there are ways to keep the dust from collecting on your blinds. It can be done with a few general household products. These remedies not only help cut down the dust that collects, but will also cut down on the dust mites that exist in the home by the millions. For those of us that have breathing problems caused by dust, these recipes are natural and safe when battling dust bunnies.... more

Cleaning Horizontal Blinds Decorative Cloth Tapes or Edge Binding
Horizontal blinds can be ordered with decorative cloth ladders. Bamboo shades or woven wood shades sometimes will also have a fabric edge binding. Here are some simple ways to clean these fabrics if they get dirty.... more

Window Blinds and Shades - Basic Cleaning
Each window blind product at Blinds Chalet has specific cleaning instructions. For a quick reference on cleaning techniques, refer to the list below: ... more

Cleaning Vinyl Mini Blinds
Vinyl Mini Blinds are one of the most trusted products in the industry. They seem to have been around since the dark ages. Regardless of time spent on the market...this particular product is a definite staple in the industry. The main reason it is such a basic amongst the many available products is affordability. ... more

How Wood Blinds and Mini Blinds Help Relieve Allergies
Allergy season is in full swing. In the mountains, Cottonwood trees and flowers are blooming and in the country, tall grasses and flowers are swaying in the wind, releasing allergy triggers. For those with bad allergies, the spring and summer can become a time of suffering. However, knowing how to furnish a home can help relieve allergy symptoms indoors.... more

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