Horizontal blinds can be ordered with decorative cloth ladders. Bamboo shades or woven wood shades sometimes will also have a fabric edge binding. Here are some simple ways to clean these fabrics if they get dirty.

Before getting started, please consider these important cleaning suggestions.

First, if the decorative tapes have a shine or luster do not get them wet. The material could be rayon or acetate. If these materials get wet they could water stain.

Second, we recommend when cleaning any fabric to first test it by cleaning an area that will not be visible. Try the area of the decorative tape that wraps around the bottom rail of the horizontal window blinds or on the street side of the window shades.

Ways to Clean Fabric Tapes

  • 100% polyester tapes can be spot cleaned. In order to spot clean decorative tapes or edge binding, use fabric cleaning wipes found at any grocery store. They will typically not leave a stain or discolor the fabric.
  • Another method of spot cleaning decorative tapes is with cool distilled water and a clean white cloth. Hold the tape, supporting it, and gently blot the stained area of the fabric. Let the decorative tapes air dry. If the stain will not come out with just water, gentle fabric cleaner may be used as well.


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