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Assemble the Shutter Frame
The first step to installing the poly shutters is to assemble the frame. Simply slip the leg inside the frame and set the screws inside the pre-drilled holes. Follow this step for all four corners of the shutter frame.

Pre-drill the Mounting Holes
Measure down four inches from the corner and drill in from the back by the light stop. Drill a hole straight through the center. Repeat the same thing on the other side as well as at the bottom of the shutter frame. These holes will be used to mount the screws to the window frame. For larger shutters you will also need an additional hole in the center of the frame on each side for added stability.

Outside Mount Shutter
If the shutter is an outside mount shutter the procedure is the same as in inside mount shutter for assembling the frame. Instead of drilling the holes through the side of the light stop when you mount it you will drill through the front towards the wall.

Hanging the Shutter Frame
Now that the frame is assembled simply set the shutter frame in the window opening. Set your top screw on either side centering the panel so the gap in the back is even. Repeat this procedure on each of the holes you pre-drilled in step 2.

Hang the Panels on the Frame
Hang the shutter panels within the frame by aligning the hinges and dropping in the pins through the hinges.

Square the Frame
Once the panel is inside the frame you may need to move the frame to make it square. If you close the panel and there is an inconsistent gap or it won't fit properly. Open the panel and remove the screws on both sides. You then slide the frame in the direction necessary to square up the frame. Once the frame is square, reset the screws.

Finishing Touches
No magnets or catches are needed. Each shutter comes with a bullet catch to hold the panels closed. You may want to caulk the sides to cover any gaps between the frame and the wall.

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