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Cordless Shades and Child Safety
In late 2000, the window covering industry issued a recall to repair all window coverings to prevent the risk of strangulation to young children. The recall involved millions of window blinds that had pull cords that can form a loop and cause strangulation.... more

Cordless Shades are Recommended for a Nursery or Child's Room
Cordless shades are recommended for nurseries or children's rooms because child safety is a legitimate concern for children near window treatments that have cords hanging down. Cordless window shades are often upgrades you can get with any style blind available such as cordless cellular shades or cordless roman shades. ... more

Can Vertical Blinds be Safe for Children?
Recalls are the norm in the window covering industry. There have been a large number of them throughout the years on a wide array of different products, manufacturers and styles. But there's one particular aspect that is responsible for a large number of the recalls: cords. Visible cording on window covering products poses a definite safety issue to small children. The most obvious and common problem is the potential for a child to become entangled in the cording. Consumers should be aware and take the issue seriously. ... more

Cordless Mini-Blinds Protect Infants and Pets
The phrase 'what you don't know won't hurt you,' only works in theory. In reality, not knowing the hidden dangers lurking in your house can end up costing the life of a beloved pet or worse yet, a child. Hanging cords from window blinds and treatments are responsible for taking the lives of hundreds of children. In fact, every two weeks another life is lost needlessly. Parents for Window Blinds Safety urges parents to remove dangerous cords and help keep homes safe.... more

Vinyl Vertical Blinds Offer Safety
Vinyl Vertical Blinds are the blinds you most often see on patio doors and large windows. Their easy to use wand controls make it convenient for anyone to open and close them. Yet it isn't convenience they are best known for, it's for their safety. ... more

Window Blinds and Shades Child Safety Update
Months have passed since the recall of more than 50 million Roman Shades and Roll-up blinds. The recall came as the result of the deaths of five infants and many more near strangulations over the past four years. Children have been getting caught in the dangling cords that help raise and lower these blinds.... more

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