Cordless shades are recommended for nurseries or children's rooms because child safety is a legitimate concern for children near window treatments that have cords hanging down. Cordless window shades are often upgrades you can get with any style blind available such as cordless cellular shades or cordless roman shades.

Simple steps can be taken with window treatments to ensure proper safety. Cribs and furniture can be moved away from window blinds and shades. Cords for blinds can be tied up and out of reach of children. Cordless shades can replace older more dangerous shades with cords. For more information on child safety with window coverings and cordless shades visit


Blinds Chalet has more than 25 years of experience selling and installing cordless window shades. Attractive, high quality, and durable window blinds that fit any energy saving plan, decorating style, and budget. For information on what types of window blinds, blind accessories, and any other window covering needs, visit
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