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Bamboo Panel Track Blinds are Environmentally Friendly
Bamboo Track Blinds are made from all natural bamboo. The sliding panels work as an alternative to vertical blinds and are eco-friendly. Not only that, but the panels slide open to allow light in. There will always be one panel facing the room, which is a nice way to frame off large French doors or sliding glass doors. Bamboo panel track blinds may be sold with or without a matching bamboo valance. The benefit of a valance is it hides the headrail, giving a room a cleaner more finished look.... more

PVC-Free Fabric Roller Shades
Noble Translucent Roller Shades are a perfect element for any home, no matter the season or time of year. Each fabric roller shade comes in designer materials that create a decorative look perfect for any home decor. Rich color choices were chosen to accentuate simple clean lines and add warmth to homes. From hues of brown to ivory and white, the Noble Translucent Roller Shades compliment homes, offices, apartments and even child care facilities.... more

Defining Eco-Trends in Regards to Window Shades and Blinds
Consumers are becoming more eco-minded and are looking for ways to incorporate environmentally friendly elements into their homes. However, many consumers are unsure as to what the different environmental terms mean. Blinds Chalet has defined the following terms in order to help consumers shop wisely:... more

Bamboo Products Benefit the Planet
Bamboo is becoming a substitute for wood and cotton on many levels. From houses to flooring, cabinetry and even window treatments, the benefits of bamboo are creating a surge in demand for this product. Because bamboo is a sustainable resource, meaning it replenishes itself in a short amount of time, growing demand doesn’t deplete bamboo forests or cause the long-term devastation to habitat that logging oak, pine or other woods does.... more

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