Bamboo Track Blinds are made from all natural bamboo. The sliding panels work as an alternative to vertical blinds and are eco-friendly. Not only that, but the panels slide open to allow light in. There will always be one panel facing the room, which is a nice way to frame off large French doors or sliding glass doors. Bamboo panel track blinds may be sold with or without a matching bamboo valance. The benefit of a valance is it hides the headrail, giving a room a cleaner more finished look.

Edge bindings are also optional with bamboo sliding panels. The edges are usually made of cloth and are available in a variety of colors to create an accent point, or to blend in with the blinds. Edge bindings protect the edges of the bamboo, which can splinter or crack if they are in a heavily trafficked area.

If you have small children, be sure to choose bamboo window treatments that come with wand controls instead of dangling cords. Children can get caught in cords, which may result in harm or even death to the child.

Eco-friendly window panels are generally 22”-28” wide. They slide open, folding behind the last panel. This always leaves a portion of the doors or windows covered, which is ideal for sunny, south facing rooms, where light and glare need to be diminished.

Bamboo is a sustainable resource. Due to the weed-like growing abilities of bamboo, it can thrive in almost any climate and grows several inches per day, making it an ideal product for harvesting. Bamboo has become a popular material to work with in the past few years and can be found in flooring, walls, cabinets, window treatments and even clothing.

According to Max Hunter’s article, ‘The New Face of Bamboo,’ “although there are more than 1,000 species of bamboo, moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) is the type generally used for industrial harvest. It can grow to a height of 40 feet or more, and the diameter at the base can grow to 6 or 8 inches, maturing in four to six years. Bamboo is hollow, but the wall can be up to an inch thick at the base, getting thinner towards the top.”

One of the traits of bamboo is durability. Bamboo Track Blinds are made to last and are easier to operate than vertical blinds. The woven grasses and woods are available in a variety of shades from Java Honey to Kyoto Merlot.

Bamboo has many advantages over traditional wood, with one of the advantages of bamboo sliding panels being, they filter light for a soft glow in the room. Open or closed, bamboo blinds create ambiance and bring a touch of nature to home settings.

Buying bamboo products is a no-brainer for those wishing to tread lightly on the earth. Bamboo is sustainable, durable and eye-catching.
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