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Window Blinds Measuring Instructions
You can mount your window blinds or window shades inside the window frame/casing or outside mounted to the wall above the window.... more
Door Blinds - How to Measure for French Door or Traditional Door Blinds
Door blinds can be any blind or shade mounted as a door mount blind. French door blinds or traditional door blinds are simply outside mount blinds or shades with hold downs to keep them from swinging as the door opens or shuts. People commonly mount blinds in a door at their home or office. Popular blinds that are used on doors range from faux wood, wood, cellular shades and roller shades. When measuring for french door blinds there are several things to consider.... more

Corner Window Blinds
If two windows meet in the corner and privacy is a concern, the best way to install window blinds or shades is to overlap them (see figure). One blind will be the measurement from the wall to the window. The second blind will be the measurement from the wall to where the second blind will be. This measurement will be from the wall to the window subtracting the width of the blinds. For a 2 inch wood blind, that will be about 2 to 2 1/2 inches.... more

Measure Window Shades or Blinds for Tile or Moulding
Occasionally obstructions can get in the way of window shades or blinds such as wood moulding or a tile back splash. Cut-outs can be made in the blind or shade for proper clearance in these areas. There is a surcharge for each cut made.... more

How to Measure Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors
When measuring window blinds for sliding glass doors it is important that you measure the blind to fit as on OUTSIDE mount. Vertical blinds are a common window treatment for sliders. More times than not there is not enough depth in a window to mount vertical blinds inside the window frame. Often there is Moulding encasing the window and your measurement must allow for it. A common rule of thumb is to ADD 2 inches to the length of the vertical blind. In other words measure from the floor to 2 inches above the moulding. If you have no moulding measure from the floor to 2 inches above the top of the opening.... more

Blinds for Angled Top Windows
Blinds or shades can be difficult to find for angled top windows. A few manufacturers make window blinds or shades with angled headrails for this purpose. Another option is to leave the angled top of the window open and just mount the window blinds or shades with the headrail just before the angled portion of the window. This article will discuss how to the the later.... more

How to Measure Window Blinds for Bay Windows
When measuring window blinds for bay windows, you will need calculate the intersecting points of the blinds to determine the width of each piece. The first step is to select a window shade noting that different types of shades will have different depths. Once you have selected the blinds or shades, you will be able to get the depth you need to calculate the intersection point. See the product specifications for exact depths.... more

Blinds for Large Windows - Mount More Than One Blind in the Same Window
For larger windows, horizontal blinds cannot be manufactured as one blind with a single headrail due to the weight of the blinds. In cases like this there are two options for measuring and installing horizontal blinds.... more

How to measure for window shades BELOW an open arched window
When measuring for window shades that are to go below an open arch window there a few things you need to do. The first and most important is to determine the correct width.... more

Measuring Roller Shades
Each roller shades comes with a cord lift. The side in which the lift cord is located will have a gap to allow room for the lift. Comfortex Roller Shade DiagramThe measurement will be the tip to tip measurement and will take into account the width of the controls.... more

Horizontal Window Blinds Stack Height
When horizontal window blinds are raised or lifted they gather at the top next to the headrail. The height of the gathered slats is called the "stack height" of the venetian blinds. The longer the blinds, the larger the stack height will become.... more

Vertical Blinds Stack Height
When vertical blinds are drawn, the open vanes gather together forming a "stack" on one side of the window. The size of the vertical blinds stack will vary and is directly proportional to the width of the window blinds. The wider the window blinds are, the more vanes the blinds have and the more room the stack will take up.... more

Cellular Shade Stack Height
Cellular shade stack height is the size of the cellular shade when it is completely raised. The longer the shade, the more material it has and so the stack height increases. Because of their unique design cell shades a compact when raised.... more

How to Measure for Plantation Shutters
  • Use a metal tape for accurate measurements
  • Measure to the nearest 1/8"
... more

Quick Ship Wood Shutter Measuring Instructions
Our Quick Ship Wood Shutters are available only in outside mount. This means each wooden shutter mounts to the surface of the wall outside the window frame. ... more

How to Measure for Drapery or Curtain Rods
At this time we do not offer any draperies or drapery hardware. However, we have many fabrics used in draperies in our Roman Shades.... more

Proper Installation of Window Treatments Depends Upon Proper Measurement
Properly installing window treatments is impossible if the process didn't begin with proper window measurement. Sadly, many novice shoppers fail to recognize the importance of measurements until it's too late. ... more

How To Measure for Drapery Panels
Measuring for custom drapery panels is simple, just follow these easy steps:... more

How to Hang Blinds Between Cabinets
A typical window blind application is hanging window blinds above a window that sits between two cabinets. Because the window blind is mounted between two objects, whether it is a window frame, cabinets, or walls, the blinds and valance must fit within an opening. If this is the case follow these ease steps for correct measuring and installation.... more

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