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  • Use a metal tape for accurate measurements
  • Measure to the nearest 1/8"

STEP 1: Determine Type Of Mount

Wondering how to measure for plantation shutters?Plantation Shutters DiagramPlantation shutters may be mounted either inside the window frame or outside the window frame to the wall or molding. Unless you have casing, trim, cabinets or other obstructions that will interfere with the shutters we HIGHLY recommend outside mount shutters as they are easier to measure and install. There are 2 factors that determine whether an inside mount is possible.
  1. Window Frame Depth
  2. Window Frame Squareness

Window Frame Depth

In order to mount inside the window frame you will need a minimum of 2 1/2" of depth. Measure from the front edge of the window frame to the window or the first obstruction such as a window crank.

Window Frame Squareness

Plantation Shutters Winow Frame SquarenessIn order to determine if your window is square, measure the window diagonally. If the 2 measurements differ by more than 1/2" we recommend an outside mount shutter. Outside mount shutters are mounted to the wall outside the window frame.

STEP 2: Measure Window

Inside Mount

  1. Simply measure the width and length in three different places as shown in the inside mount picture. i.e. inside drywall to drywall or frame to frame.
  2. It is only necessary to give the smallest length and width to an 1/8 of an inch.
  3. Enter exactly what your window frame measures. Take NO deductions.
  4. Ensure you have enough window depth. See individual products for details.

Outside Mount

  1. Simply measure the width and length of the area around the window you would like to cover. Make sure you measure in 3 places.
  2. Remember it is only necessary to give the measurement to an 1/8 of an inch.
  3. Add the size of the frame you are using.
    Add the frame width twice to the overall width.
    2 sided frame: Do not add to height.
    3 sided frame: Add once to height.
    4 sided frame: Add twice to height.
    (Please see product description for frame specifications)

    STEP 3: Panels

    Number of Panels

    The number of panels in each plantation shutter will vary based on your window size. Multiple panels within the same shutter will be divided equally and will be all be the same size.

    Panel Configuration

    Panel configuration determines how each panel will be open and close on the hinges. See diagram for popular shutter panel configurations.

    STEP 4: Divider Rails(Optional)

    Divider rails are used to provide stability to larger shutter panels (typically over 60" high). They also divide the top and bottom shutter louvers. Each section may be operated independently.

    If you are ordering shutters mounted side by side for windows of different heights, you will want to specify the height of each divider rail so each shutter will align. Each measurement is taken form the bottom of the shutter frame to the center of the divider rail(See diagram).

    Attention: Divider rail position may vary based on shutter louver size to allow for louver placement.

    The video embedded below will teach you basic measuring for shutters. If you still have questions, feel free to call us!

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