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Window Treatments and Design Considerations
When choosing window treatments for any room there are some basic questions to ask so you select the right product. Each room may be different and have special needs. Here are some things to consider:... more

Kitchen Window Treatments - Best Blinds For Moisture Prone Areas
When choosing kitchen window treatments, there are some things to consider. Kitchen blinds and kitchen shades typically are in areas where they can get wet, splattered with food, cleaners and other items. Care should be taken so the proper window treatments are selected for this area of the home.... more

Recycle Window Blinds
I searched for ways to recycle blinds but all I could find was to cut them down and make garden markers. While that may be good for some people I don't think anyone needs all the markers they could make from a houseful of blinds. ... more

Bathroom Window Treatments - Blinds Chalet
Popular bathroom window treatments are those that offer privacy and will not damage in a moist environment. Privacy is an obvious concern, but steam from showers or blinds next to a sink are prone to water exposure. Care must be taken to select the correct window treatments that will last long term.... more

Blackout Shades for Theater Room Or Bedroom Window Treatments
Blackout shades are great for bedroom or theater room window treatments. Room darkening blinds or blackout shades can often be added to shades like honeycomb shades, roman shads, room darkening soft sheer shades or bamboo shades.... more

Wood Blinds Are Elegant Choice for the Home Office or Study
Wood blinds are a popular choice for home offices or studies if the area has been decorated with wood bookcases, desks, or wood accents on filing cabinets. Faux wood blinds or real wood blinds both can provide a rich elegant look.... more

How to Choose Window Blinds for Doors
Shopping for door blinds? Just about any window treatment can be used on a door. If you have french doors or just a door with a window and want privacy, you can mount blinds or shades as an outside mount. Choose from wood blinds, vertical blinds, and horizontal blinds like cellular shades nad solar screen shades. ... more

How to Choose the Right Window Treatments
When choosing a window covering there are several features of each blind style that you should consider. Below are different types of window treatments and their pros and cons.... more

Solar Shades and Other Blinds for Rooms with a View
Solar shades for windows are just one of the options if you have a window with a great view yet need light protection or privacy. For windows that have a view such as a golf course, country side, valley, etc., there are many options to choose from. ... more

Window Treatments for Rental Units
Wondering what window treatments to choose for a rental property? Renters can be rough on any window coverings. You will want to opt for a tough and durable product. Window treatments for lease units should not easily stain and should be easy to clean and take care of. Here are some basic recommendations on how to select the right window treatments for lease units.... more

Security Blinds and Shades for Your Windows
Security blinds are important and studies show window blinds can play a major role in home security. According the the FBI, in 2005, law enforcement agencies reported an estimated 2,154,126 burglary offenses. That is almost 6000 burglaries per day and over 4 burglaries per second (based on FBI 2005 crime report). ... more

Selecting Blinds on a Budget
Shopping for blinds on a budget as you decorate your home? Here are a list of inexpensive window coverings and some simple design ideas that won't break your budget.... more

Venetian Blinds - Wand vs. Cord Tilters
Most custom venetian blinds have an option to tilt the window blind slats open. Most manufacturers of window blinds offer either a cord or a wand tilt. What are the advantages of selecting a cord tilt over a wand tilter when buying window blinds? Here are some of the advantages to selecting a tilter mechanism when buying blinds.... more

Best Window Covering Solutions
Choosing window coverings can sometimes be frustrating. Should I go with wood blinds or cellular shades? Something fancy or plain? At times you may just want to buy any window treatments just to be done with it. Here are some ideas to basic questions that might help you choose the right window blinds or shades.... more

Window Coverings and Color Scheme
The color scheme for your window coverings may vary based on whether you are designing a new room or one with existing furniture.... more

Real Wood Blinds vs Faux Wood Blinds
Should I go with a real wood blind or a faux wood blind? Which window blinds are the right choice for your application? Here is some basic information on the benefits of real wood blinds and faux wood blinds.... more

Window Blinds - Flush Mount or Protruding Mount Blinds
When mounting window blinds, how much window frame depth do I need? What is a flush mount blind and a protruding mount blind? What should I do if I have a shallow window sill? These are some common questions asked when choosing window blinds.... more

Buying Blinds: 5 Design Considerations
Homeowners considering window treatments like blinds can be easily overwhelmed by the plethora of options, specials, promotions, and features on the market. Making the right blind selection depends on several variables. If buyers aren't careful they'll inadvertently miss one or two important design considerations. Due to the fact that purchasing the right window blinds and shades can have lasting benefits for homeowners there is ample reason to make a buying decision carefully. ... more

Window Blinds as a Home Improvement Rather Than a Design Expense
There are two different ways in which to view the purchase and installation of quality window blinds. Some consumers considering a major window blinds purchase see them strictly as a design expense. They see it as a monetary waste they should avoid at all costs. This group of consumers are missing the point and doing themselves a bit of a disservice at the same time. Knowledgeable consumers are aware that window blinds are not strictly a design expense. They are more of a valued home improvement. ... more

Shades and Blinds: The Options are Endless
If a consumer is going forward in their search for new blinds and/or shades with a thorough knowledge of the window covering industry and its myriad products they are a very rare specimen. Most blinds/shades shoppers are unaware of the extent of products available. And since they are unaware of just how many different products are available to fill their needs they are absolutely unaware of the even larger number of features and options available. The massive amount of information can often come off as distracting to consumers who have it thrown at them all at once when they begin their search for shades. ... more

Roman Shades: Popular Features
The installation of high quality, conservative window coverings is often seen as a valuable addition to a home or office. While there are almost countless options available when it comes to the style of window coverings, one of the most popular on today's market are roman shades. Roman shades are quick and easy. They're affordable and they're accommodating when it comes to room design and style. This makes them a great choice for a large portion of designers and consumers alike. Some of the characteristics of the roman shades that make them a great choice are: ... more

Design Benefits of Bamboo Blinds
Bamboo is becoming increasingly popular amongst manufacturers and designers due to its design possibilities paired with its durability. It offers a unique style and tone to any room design. Bamboo has long been popular as a strong element in Asian design and art, but nowhere is the unique effect of bamboo more effective on the tone and style of a room than when used for window coverings. ... more

Wooden Blinds or Faux? What's the Difference?
When a consumer claims they are looking for wood blinds it is amazing how often this title will include products that are not wood. The typical consumer will include many faux wood products in the category. Sometimes this is just a convenience. But often enough this is due to a lack of knowledge. So before this mistake is repeated even once more the question should be asked. What's the difference between wood blinds and faux wood blinds? ... more

Design Advantages of Roman Blinds
Roman blinds are a popular choice amongst a wide range of designers and homeowners. The advantages of this particular product are what makes it a popular choice for so many. One of the most obvious advantages of roman blinds is the design advantage. ... more

Bamboo Shades: Why Manufacture with Bamboo?
Bamboo is a traditionally central aspect of Asian design and art. But it is also an increasingly popular product used in the manufacturing of window coverings. Bamboo shades are often recognized by designers and window covering professionals as offering a uniquely natural element to the design flavor of any room while providing durable functionality that keeps up with the competition. Bamboo shades are often seen as having a wide variety of advantages in comparison to other, similar products on the market. ... more

Window Shades Can Make Any House Seem Like Home
Looking to sell a vacant home? Adding window shades really adds the necessary warmth to make the house seem like home. Potential buyers subconsciously notice the difference when a house has appropriate window shades installed. Bare, stark windows with no coverings leave buyers distracted from the potential of the home. Window shades can actually make the difference between a potential buyer and a buyer. ... more

Mini Blinds, Blinds and More Blinds
There are consumers out there who aren't aware of the choices they have available when it comes to window coverings. When they think of window shades they immediately think of mini blinds; which is fairly normal since they're a popular choice. What's not normal (or accurate) is their assumption that mini blinds are the only option. Mini blinds are definitely available, but they are in no way the only option. They aren't even one of a few. They are one of many options available in today's market. ... more

Looking for American Blinds?
When it comes to shopping for the perfect window covering there are endless factors, features, options, and demands. It all depends on the consumer (or sometimes their interior designer). When consumers decide to make a major window covering purchase they often treat it like any other "major" purchase in their lives. ... more

Horizontal Wood Blinds: Still a Hot Topic
When consumers think of the "hot products" in any industry the typical responses are not classic and not conservative. But in the window covering industry some of the "hottest" products are very classic and very conservative. It's the nature of the industry. Window coverings are meant to fulfill a very basic need. They're also meant to last a long time. There isn't much room for trends of the moment or even trends that may last a year or two. This leaves many consumers looking to invest in the classic and "hot" horizontal wood blinds. They are classic and elegant. They're the most affordable and appropriate permanent furnishing for almost any room. ... more

Roller Shades: An Economical Choice
Roller shades are an economical choice for style and function. In today's tough economy the economical choice is often the only choice. So it's very helpful when it's also the right choice. ... more

Faux Wood Window Blinds Making Their Move
Most consumers are unable to tell the difference between real wood blinds and faux wood window blinds without close inspection. Faux wood window blinds sometimes have small amounts of wood, but they are not a "real" wood product. Upon close inspection of the product as well as the product's specifications the difference between real wood and faux wood window blinds are obvious. ... more

Cellular Shades: Enjoy the Benefits
With so many different products available to fill the basic need for window coverings, consumers are sometimes impatient regarding those products that are new to them. They don't take the time to research products with which they haven't had experience. This often leaves consumers missing the benefits that are available with cellular shades.... more

Solar Shades: Window Screens with Extra Advantages
Solar shades are window screens that offer bonus advantages. And in today's market...people are looking more than ever to get the most for their money. One of the most sure fire ways to get the most for your money is to purchase a product that fills more than one need. And solar shades definitely fit the bill. ... more

Updating Your Blinds and Shades
Homeowners during the recession are avoiding big financial moves. This means that homeowners who were considering upgrading in the recent past are most likely no longer considering the sale of their current home in order to buy a new home elsewhere. ... more

The Classic Plantation Blinds
Plantation blinds are what is commonly referred to as a classic. They are timeless in their design possibilities. There are various options when it comes to plantation blinds and shutters. ... more

How to Paint Mini Blinds and Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds can be expensive to replace. Painting them can be a cheaper alternative to spice up those old window blinds. Whether you have aluminum mini blinds or wood blinds they can be painted.... more

The Versatility of Custom Roman Shades
Custom Roman Shades have the versatility of style to fit almost any room. From traditional design, to contemporary, modern decorating, Roman Shades bring elegance homes. Offered in linen, satin and suede, Roman Shades come in custom sizes to fit oversized windows, or smaller windows with unusual measurements.... more

Discount Window Blinds Provide Low Cost and High Quality
Looking for window blinds at a low price? You are not alone. ... more

Matchstick Blinds are Perfect for Any Decor
Matchstick blinds (or woven wood blinds) can work in almost any decor scheme. The simple design style often accents a design space. They offer a neutral yet warm texture addition to any room that many find not only appropriate, but desirable. ... more

JC Penney Blinds...Not the Quality Steal They Appear
Many consider JC Penney blinds to be the staple in the window blinds industry. The company has been in the business for a long time. And their products are considered high quality by a large number of consumers, but they are no longer the only option when it comes to high quality and fair pricing for window treatments like blinds and shades. ... more

Making Vinyl Window Shades A Part Of A Home
There isn't a more effective window covering product when it comes to light blocking than vinyl window shades. Blackout shades are designed specifically to block all light from a room. They are a vital element in the home of many. ... more

Why Purchase JCPenney Blinds?
JCPenney blinds...what is it about them that draws such a crowd? JCPenney blinds have been around about as long as JCPenney! And that's a long time. That gives them automatic credibility and the length of time in business tends to create a good reputation amongst consumers based on sheer longevity. ... more

Aluminum Blinds: Covering the Bases
Consumers in today's market are looking for blinds that fulfill the basic needs and suit the needs of their limited funds. During times of depression and/or recession purchases made in any industry lean towards the classics...the basics. One major basic in the window covering industry are aluminum blinds. ... more

JCPenney Blinds Provide Variety
JCPenney blinds are known for their quality and their quantity. They have a wide selection including several popular window blinds and window shades that consumers often find advantageous for a multitude of reasons: design, affordability, and/or energy savings. ... more

How to Select Blinds
Window blinds and shades come in various styles and choices. Different factors can be used to select the correct window coverings for your windows.... more

Custom Roman Shades are a Hot Ticket for Lavish Houses
There's not a room that won't benefit from the lavishness of custom Roman Shades. No matter your designer tastes, whether you like a room that looks like a room or a room that looks like a museum, custom Roman Shades will add style. Some of the hottest fabrics on the market are linen, satin and suede. Higher end companies will customize a fit to your specific windows to give a finished, elegant appearance.... more

Wood Window Blinds Offer Natural Design Benefits
What is it about wood window blinds that draws such a crowd of consumers in the market for window coverings? While there are numerous options on the market from roman shades to bamboo blinds to cellular of the most popular amongst the widest target market is still wood window blinds. ... more

Custom Drapery Panels - Another Choice for Happy Windows
Custom drapery panels come in a wide selection of fabric styles and colors. Styles include grommet drapery panels, ring top, French pleat and rod pocket curtains. Each drapery top style offers a unique style and can be paired with drapery rods that come in metal, wrought iron, wood and art deco finishes. Drapery panels offer a modern look to any home decor. The rich selection of materials includes plain fabrics, harlequin designs, stripes, florals and sheers. Keep an eye out for drapery panels sewn in the USA. ... more

Why Solar Window Shades are a Summer Favorite
Solar window shades were created so people could still enjoy the view out of their living room, bedroom or workspace, while controlling glare and the amount of heat that enters a space. New to the market are Designer Solar Window Shades. Designer window shades add a little spice to any room.... more

Black Mini Blinds Change the Face of Decorating
Black mini-blinds are often overlooked in favor of more neutral colors like white, cream or wood colors. However, black mini blinds create a dramatic effect in any room. The benefits of black window treatments go beyond a ‘wow’ factor - they are also practical. The benefits of black mini blinds are:... more

Window Pull Down Shades for Mother’s Day
Mothers can be hard to buy for. Depending on your budget, window pull down shades might be the perfect gift for your mom. Mother’s Day is just around the corner and many companies are offering discounts on their products. The differentiating factor between window treatments and any other gift is window treatments will last. They will be a daily reminder to mom of how much she’s loved. ... more

Discount Mini-Blinds Provide Protection to Poverty Stricken Families
The statistics on poverty in the US are startling. According to the US Census Bureau, over 37 million people lived in poverty in 2007. Between 2000 and 2007 the number of those living in poverty increased by 6 million people. This is in the United States, one of the wealthiest nations in the world.... more

Custom Window Treatment Manufacturers Vs. Mega-Chain Stores
Mega stores move into town. They offer lower prices and wider selections than mom and pop stores and suddenly the mom and pop stores close down, taking money out of the local economy and sending it to multi-billion dollar corporations. Before you start spending your money in a mega-store, consider what smaller stores that specialize in a specific product have to offer. When it comes to window treatments would you rather have cheap, or would you rather have quality at discount prices with blinds that fit the exact specifications of your window? Here are a few reasons to shop at on-line custom window treatment stores.... more

Wood Blinds vs. Magnetic Mini Blinds
Magnetic Mini Blinds have become a popular solution for people with steel doors. The magnetic brackets hold the mounting in place, thus eliminating the need to try to drill screws into the door. Sounds like a great solution, except magnetic brackets aren’t completely stable. They can fall down or tilt, as they get older. Magnetic mini blinds were intended to be short-term solution for window coverings. ... more

Finding Cheap Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds are slatted blinds designed to block light or let light in at varying degrees during the day. Today’s venetian blinds are made in a variety of materials and price ranges. From aluminum to faux wood, to wood, these window treatments have been standard blinds in houses for decades. ... more

How to Remove Crayon from Cellular Shades
If you have young children it is almost inevitable that they will use their crayons for than just the paper it was intended. Although they are great insulators, because cellular shades are made from fabric they can stained. Fortunately they are easy to clean.... more

Blinds Chalet – Real Wood Vs. Faux
Traditional wood blinds are some of the most popular blinds for homeowners and office buildings. The natural look brings elegance and class to rooms and the variety of stains complement other wood furniture. However, today’s faux wood blinds are made with durable materials that give them the long-lasting endurance of wood without the high prices.... more

Top Three Reasons to Buy Cellular Shades
Cellular window shades are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners look for ways to improve the appearance of their home while reducing energy costs. Honeycomb, or cellular blinds are some of the most energy efficient blinds on the market today. While there are many benefits to installing honeycomb or cellular window treatments, the following are ranked as the top three:... more

Drapery Styles
Most people aren’t aware of the variety of drapery styles available. From rod pocket drapery to ring top drapery - with clips or rings - to French pleat drapery and grommet drapery, there are styles to complete the look of any interior design. The following five styles are among the most popular:... more

Woven Wood Roller Shades
Woven Wood Roller Shades are most often employed during the summer months or for homes in warmer climates. They allow light to filter in while minimizing glare and reducing the amount of heat that enters a home. Their style is always unique as the patterns in the wood vary with each window treatment made.... more

Bamboo Shades vs Roman Shades
Most bamboo shades are actually roman shades made from natural materials such as bamboo, reeds, rope, etc rather than the fabric used for roman shades. What is the difference then between the two window shades?... more

Tips for Buying Door Blinds
Doors can sometimes be tricky to buy window treatments for because of their unusual size and shape. Not only that, door blinds shouldn’t interfere with your ability to easily open and close the door. Some window treatments ‘fly away,’ meaning they swing out the door when it opens and get caught in it when it closes, often damaging blinds or window treatments.... more

How To Layer Window Treatments
Window layers can improve the insulation in a home as well as creating an atmosphere that works through the cold winter months as well as the balmiest summer days. It’s not practical for people to change out their window treatments with every season; it’s costly and window treatments can take up a lot of storage space, not to mention the time and effort it takes to hang and dismantle blinds and shades. Here are a few tips for layering window treatments to create effective and elegant blinds and shades that can work in any season.... more

Turning Window Treatments Into Art
Have you ever looked at your window treatments and thought – ehhh, they’re okay, but there is nothing exciting about them? It’s not just a matter of buying new window treatments or blinds or shades, to make your room pop, or to get your heart to quicken a little when you walk into a room, consider turning your window treatments into art. That’s right, art.... more

Spring Window Treatments
Are you ready to update the look and feel of your home? One thing to consider is the sun’s glare. It can cause serious damage to our eyes, to our furniture. UV rays can be filtered to eliminate their fading power, all you need are some fabulous spring window treatments and you’ll be on your way! ... more

Bamboo Shades
Bamboo is a material that isn’t as widely known as oak, pine or mahogany and that’s because the benefits of using bamboo for a variety of resources have only recently been discovered. Bamboo grows like a weed, from 1-4 inches every day, so you can literally watch this wood grow. Bamboo can grow in virtually any climate and doesn’t use a lot of water, meaning you don’t have to drain our natural water resources like you do with cotton. Bamboo is being used to build houses, make t-shirts, dresses, pants and other clothing and it’s being used to make bamboo shades. ... more

Why Buy Faux Wood Blinds?
Faux wood blinds are essentially fake wood blinds. They look like wood blinds, they act like wood blinds, but they are so much cheaper than wood blinds. Most faux wood blinds are manufactured with wood particles along with composite materials to create a window treatment that is durable as well as water and heat resistant. While traditional wood blinds can warp with time, faux wood blinds won’t.... more

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