Matchstick blinds (or woven wood blinds) can work in almost any decor scheme. The simple design style often accents a design space. They offer a neutral yet warm texture addition to any room that many find not only appropriate, but desirable.

Matchstick blinds are available in varying degrees of light filtration depending upon the tightness of the weave, varying greatly from privacy weaves to open weaves. While many consider the tightness of the weave to be a functional aspect of the window blind (providing varying degrees of light filtration and privacy) it can also be an important part of the design of the product changing the visual of the room's windows and altering the natural light additions.

Matchstick blinds also offer simple installation and operation. Matchstick blinds raise and lower in one simple movement. They simultaneously offer privacy, light control, ease of use and unique design opportunities.

Matchstick blinds are often made of bamboo. They get the name "matchstick" because they appear to be a number of thin, rounded pieces of wood (like matchsticks) that are bound together to create a flat surface to be used as a window covering. Therefore the name, "matchstick blinds."

Matchstick blinds are often called by other names. Some of the other names include: woven wood blinds, woven wood shades, matchstick blinds, bamboo shades, etc. Regardless of the name being used this product continues to be in high demand because of the all around ease of use, affordable price tag, and design possibilities.

A few of the most popular aspects in the eyes of designers include: unique texture, natural design element, warmth added to a design space, and more. Matchstick blinds are able to bring a warm, inviting feel to a room that many products in the industry lack. They are made from natural materials and make a naturally beautiful addition to any room.

Consumers looking to take advantage of the benefits of matchstick blinds will not find it difficult. The reviews are typically unanimous. They offer a unique and beautiful light filtering that adds an amazing ambience to any room. And they come with an insanely low price tag.

There aren't many window blinds products that can be said to be perfect for any decor. But Matchstick Blinds happen to be one of the few. They are becoming more and more popular as an option and are therefore available in more styles. They not only accommodate the design space, but they provide the perfect accent in most cases. Their versatility and durability make them a wise choice economically and their beauty makes them the best choice aesthetically.
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