Bamboo has become increasing popular with consumers for many reasons. The first is bamboo’s sustainability. Harvesting bamboo is nothing like harvesting trees from the forest. Bamboo grows at a faster rate than almost any other plant on earth, up to four inches per day. The next reason bamboo is becoming popular in home decorating is the flavor it brings to a room. Bamboo offers style, as well as an ‘island’ feel.

As far as bamboo roller shades go, the Tavarua Bamboo Roller Shades are ones to keep an eye on. They are made from sustainable bamboo that is both biodegradable and earth-friendly. These roller shades are made from real bamboo woven into sunscreen patterns. The design blends the functionality of a solar screen roller shade with the style and elegance of a bamboo shade.

The Tavarua Sunscreen Bamboo Roller Shades are available in three different bamboo styles, each offering a different openness factor, as well as a wide variety of colors and stains. The various shades include the Akita with a 20% openness factor, Bamboo Palm with a tighter weave of 10% openness and Sendai, which offers the most privacy with only an 8% openness factor. Each window shade comes standard with a visible roll. For those who prefer a bamboo valance to hide the roll, an upgrade is available.

Bamboo, similar to a weed, can grow in almost any climate without requiring pesticides or insecticides. Bamboo is generally a rain-fed crop, meaning it requires no additional water to grow than what is already in the environment.

Basic Bamboo Shades are also available from Tavarua. These shades offer poised, stylish simplicity that hints at exotic. This is the ideal choice for chic, easy style and quiet confidence in any décor, and an economic alternative to other Tavarua woven wood shades, without compromising quality or beauty. Ideal for areas where some shading without complete privacy is desired, these roman fold shades are woven to gently filter light (liners not available). Add the sort of texture and natural feel to your room that only bamboo Available in an attractive, limited color assortment with coordinating cords and tassels.

Woven Wood Shades from Tavarua come in three varieties: Tavarua Woven Wood Shade, Exotic Woven Wood Shades and Designer Woven Wood Shades. They are generally available with edge bindings and have the option of upgrading to a fabric liner for privacy or light filtration. They ‘fold’ up to resemble roman shades when open without sacrificing their natural elegant beauty.

Bamboo Ring Drapery. Bamboo Ring Drapery is made with standard size ring grommets. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns to suit any room beautifully. Each bamboo drapery is bound on all four sides with edge binding at no additional charge. This helps protect the woven wood drapes from damage as well as adding a touch of color to decor. Each vertical bamboo drapery comes with two panels for center opening. Due to the weight, it is expected that the drapery rod will need a center support.

The Exotic Bamboo Sliding Panels really bring a tropical flavor to a home. They are panels that fold underneath one another when open. When closed, they cut glare and allow a soft glow to enter the home.

The environmental qualities of a product are becoming increasingly important to consumers. It’s no surprise that the line of Tavarua Bamboo products has taken off. It’s nice to know there are economic, attractive, sustainable and biodegradable products on the market.
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