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There are tons of blinds, shades and window treatments on the market. There are the energy efficient ones – honeycomb cell shades – the environmentally friendly ones – EcoGreen Roller Shades and bamboo shades – there are the elegant blinds – Roman Shades – and there are the classic blinds – wood blinds. But where are the fun ones? Where are the window treatments that show a little personality?

Here are a few cool blinds that we’ve found:

Cityscape Roller Shades. These roller shades bring popular cityscapes such as the Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Empire State Building, Chicago Lights and the Brooklyn Bridge to life. They are perfect for apartments, homes and offices.

Guests and homeowners alike will feel like they have been transported to another world every time they enter the room. The images come in black and white in either light filtering materials or blackout shades. The cityscapes are custom-made to fit your window and images are centered on the blind.

Major League Baseball Roller Shades: baseball fans, these are for you. Major League Baseball roller shades let visitors know what team you’re on. In a variety of logos, fans can choose from New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles dodgers, Chicago White Sox teams and more. There are over 30 teams to choose from and a selection of styles for each team.

If your style leans towards the tropical, then consider the Tavarua Exotic Woven Wood Shades. They blend bamboo, grasses and woven wood with edge bindings for a splash of color that can tie into other furniture accents in the room, or that can become a focal point. The Tavarua line also includes bamboo shades, bamboo sliding panels and more.

Shutters, while basic, have some definite personality to them. Unlike traditional wood blinds, shutters open and close and bring a quaint feel to a kitchen or living room or other space.

No matter what type of blind you are looking for, they are out there. From baseball blinds to cityscape roller shades to shutters to bamboo shades, they are tons of cool shades available for every one. To get them in time for the holiday season, head on-line and look for express production and free shipping.

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