Blackout Window Shades have become the must-have window blinds for the summer time. These blinds block light and heat, reducing fading from UV rays and glare and eye strain from computer screens. Below are a variety of the types of blackout blinds available on the market and the benefits of each one:

Suntec Blackout Vinyl Roller Shades are designed to filter out all light from entering a room. These blinds, created with a polyester/fiberglass fabric, help block out heat as well as light. Ideal for boardrooms and conference rooms where darkness is integral to viewing presentations, these blinds offer needed protection. They also help block out UV rays and light on south facing windows for both homes and offices.

Companies eager to please consumers offer free samples of different color blinds and of comparable blinds if they are in stock. Some companies even offer a promotional coupon for additional savings. Due to the design of the window blinds, there may be a sliver of light able to enter through either side of the hanging roller window shade. These blinds are appropriate for homes, offices and retail spaces wanting to create an elegant atmosphere while being able to control the amount of light that can enter.

Cordless 9/16" Blackout Single Cell Shades are made from high quality point bond fabric with a mylar layer inside each cell for excellent light control and insulation. These single cell shades are a great way to reduce your energy costs.

Deluxe 3/8" Blackout Double Cell Shades: Need insulation and blackout properties? These 3/8 inch double cell blackout cell shades are the perfect fit! They are available in a 3/8 double cell shade or a more contemporary 3/4 single cell. Darken any room in an office or home up to 85% more! These shades are available in a wide range of different colors to choose from, making the color coordination to any room a simple task! This room darkening double cellular shade has a mylar liner on the inside of the shade.

The Asante Blackout Roman Shades are made from 100% premium woven fabrics perfect for darkening any room. This fabric is easy to care for, as well as soil and dust resistant. They are available in either traditional hobbled soft fold or a flat panel roman shade. With a limited lifetime warranty, Astante's patented operating system offers a long lasting shade with smooth operation. Each roman shade comes standard with a cord lock mechanism with tassel.

Room darkening pleated shades with an added "no holes privacy" upgrade are designed to block more light and provide more privacy than standard pleated shades. Typical pleated shades have holes through the center of each pleat to allow the lift cords to run through the shades. With our unique design, the no holes privacy has a tab on the back of each pleat through which the lift cords are threaded. This design eliminates the visible holes in the shades. Note: Because of the nature of pleated shades, the front of the blinds are thicker than the back when compressed. This may cause a slight tilt to the bottom rail when the shades are lifted.

Summer time is one of the best times to utilize blackout window shades. When the sun’s rays are at their strongest, furniture and art can fade from damaging UV rays, and eyestrain and headaches can result from squinting at glare on computer screens. Blackout Shades provide relief from the heat and from the sun.
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