Blinds or shades can be difficult to find for angled top windows. A few manufacturers make window blinds or shades with angled headrails for this purpose. Another option is to leave the angled top of the window open and just mount the window blinds or shades with the headrail just before the angled portion of the window. This article will discuss how to the the later.

How to Measure Blinds Angled Top Windows

First, measure the width of the window frame. When measuring for angled top window treatments, take three measurements for the width from the bottom, middle and the top just before the angle. Use the smallest of the 3 measurements.

Second, measure the height of the window frame from the bottom of the widow to the start of the angled top. In other words, just measure the vertical portion of the shortest side. Use this measurement for the window blinds height.

Mounting the Window Blinds

When mounting the window blinds on angled top windows you will need side mount brackets. Attach the brackets to the sides of the window frame. Both brackets should be at an level height. The bracket on the shorter side should be mounted just at where the angle starts. The bracket on longer side of the window frame should be mounted so it is at the same height as the other bracket. Remember, you will want the headrail to be level.


Window blinds mounted so that the top portion of the window frame will of course leave that portion exposed. However, the top portion of an angled window is high enough that leaving it open will still provide privacy.


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