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At Blinds Chalet, we have worked with several contractors and property management companies over the years. That work has led to this contractor program. The growth of this program has been substantial and we always look for ways to help contractors with their window treatment needs.

Most of the contractors that buy through us tend to be general contractors who are building a new home, remodeling a home, building out renting portfolios for clients, or remodeling apartments.

We also work with property management companies in need of inexpensive, but high quality, blind solutions. They find that our products are less expensive, last longer, and better quality than big box stores.

Our contractor blinds program offers several benefits over the programs that you will find in big box stores. Those benefits are listed below:
  1. Much more competitive pricing than you will find at a big box store. Not only do you not have to pay sales tax, but the amount of volume we sell allows us to get even better pricing. We also offer heavily discounted rates to our contractors allowing them to make a profit on the blinds they purchase through us. Most contractors see an average savings of $25 per blind over big box stores. On just one job, this adds up making you more money while offering a superior product.

  2. Higher quality products that will last. Our contractor products come standard with reinforced steel headrails and higher quality bottom rails. Headrails will no longer sag from exposure to heat or the sun. The slats are manufacturered for durability and longevity, meaning they will not fade or warp over time. Our property management customers find this incredibly useful since they don't have to replace blinds with each new tenant.

  3. Convenience in ordering and installing. Each contractor in our program is assigned their own Blinds Chalet Representative. This means you can order by phone, email, or chat with your rep online, making it simple to place your order.

  4. All of the products we offer are superior in their looks and design to what you will find in a big box store. Decorative crown balances are standard. We offer a no holes privacy option that customers love the look of.

  5. The widest selection of window treatments. We offer every type of window treatment that you will need for any home or office building you are working on. It doesn't matter if you need faux wood, vertical blinds, or cell shades. We have you covered.

  6. Products are made and shipped quickly allowing you to get these products installed right away.
Orders can be shipped to your office or your client's home in order to avoid an additional trip to pick up product.

Ease of installation saves a lot of time. The window treatments we offer in our program are made to the windows specifications. This means you will not have to untie the bottom rail in order to remove slats like you would if you ordered from a big box store. Simply mount the brackets and install the blind. Each blind is also marked with a room name or window assignment, making it easy to know where the blind needs to be installed.

Signing up for our program is simple. Email us at or fill out the form below. We will contact you right away and get you started in our contractor program.

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