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Glassmaking in Roman Culture
Ever since the first glassmakers melted silica and sodium carbonate together, glass has been a beautiful and practical element of our lives. Glass is very old, and there are a lot of surviving artifacts made from glass in museums around the world. The Roman Empire used glassworking as a cornerstone of its economy, having conquered enough of the Mediterranean to be in possession of all of the glass-making territories of the era. With the exception of stained-glass windows, the Romans pioneered the majority of the techniques we still use in glassmaking today.... more
Fire Escape Plans for your Windows
firefighters... more
Be A Weather Watcher From Your Window
rainboots... more
A Cure for Seasonal Depression by Blindschalet
Seasonal depression is a mood disorder that can debilitate a person to the point that they are unable to function properly. It is a type of depression that is directly related to the winter months when there are more hours of darkness. Also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, it normally begins when the days become shorter and the evenings longer. This is generally around the time that Daylight Savings Time comes to an end, however, it can begin in the early winter as well. Symptoms continue throughout the winter and taper off in the spring, typically when days, and daylight, are longer, which is around the start of Daylight Savings Time. People who are diagnosed with SAD will have experienced symptoms at the same time of year for at minimum two consecutive years. Often it is mistaken with the so-called "winter blues," however, SAD is a much more intense and serious condition that requires medical intervention.... more
Window Art Projects For Kids
Most kids love to make original works of art, and many different media offer fun and enjoyable ways for kids to design and produce beautiful creations. Window art projects are a perfect way for kids to get creative, and displaying the finished art on windows can be a perfect way to share these projects with the world. When you hang items on the windows, people can see them from both inside and outside of the house. Many window art projects have special themes that fit with holidays throughout the year, including Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and more. Some projects are also perfect for ushering in each season.... more
Gardening in a Window Box
In a perfect world, we would all have an abundance of space and land to enjoy. We may put up a playground set for the kids, a large garage for dad and large garden for mom to plant flowers or vegetables. Unfortunately, it is not a perfect world, and not all of these items are practical for all people. For example, you may live in an apartment or condo where these things are not possible. Or, the house that you own is very small, and does not have the available room. So, what can you do?... more
Build a Garden in your Window!
Do you like fresh veggies? How about dirt? Indoor gardening is a great way to learn about plants, play in the dirt, and grow delicious and nutritious vegetables. An indoor garden will produce tasty veggies all year round, no matter what season it is.... more
Guide To Bird-Watching From Your Window
Some people liken bird-watching to hunting without weapons. When you seek to find and identify birds in the wild, you must spend time in the birds' natural habitats watching and listening for signs of the creatures. When you find them, your goal will be to identify them and note when and where you saw each species. Birders often enjoy the thrill of the hunt for sightings of new or elusive creatures.... more
The Butterflies Outside Your Window
When you look out your window in the spring and summer, you may see butterflies flitting from flower to flower. Not only are butterflies beautiful because of their vivid colors and markings, but they are important because they help pollinate plants. As they move among the blooms, they transfer pollen on their bodies. Both the United States and Great Britain have a huge variety of butterflies that live in natural areas.... more
25 Interior Design Tips and Quotes to Ignite Your DIY Spirit
Our surroundings are an integral part of daily life. Space, line, form, light, color, texture, pattern, layout – consciously and subconsciously, these elements influence our mood, productivity, and conversation. For as long as humans have sought shelter, they have decorated. Drawings of plants, animals, and human forms adorned the walls of caves. Greeks employed meticulous calculations to construct buildings, sculptures, and monuments. Today, the fascination with creating the ideal living and working space continues to thrive. This is a collection of quotes from experts to stoke your creative energy and guide you as you experiment with interior design. ... more