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Seasonal Affective Disorder and Light Therapy Treatment
During the beautiful weather that we get in the summertime, have you ever noticed that you are in a better mood? You wear lighter clothes, there is more hours of sunlight, and you generally feel better. Conversely, during the winter month have you ever noticed that your mood changes? The daylight is shorter, the weather is colder and you need to wear heavier clothes. This is the result of Seasonal Affective Disorder.... more
Glass Making in Ancient Egypt
With the prevalence of glass today it is hard to imagine a time when glass was rare. You see it everyday: your car (window), the bottles you drink from, lamps, tables, television screens, and dozens of other common household objects are all made from glass. We mass produce and recycle glass in quantities that would astound our ancestors even a few hundred years ago. In the ancient world a piece of glass large enough to fit a modern (window) would have been a rare extravagance. Glass, even thick glass, was fragile and did not travel well. Large pieces were difficult to form with the techniques available to early glassmakers, and the process itself was a secret guarded closely by artisans and royalty alike.... more
Guides Eyes for the Blind: All About Guide Dogs
Thousands of people all throughout the United States and the world use service dogs. Service dogs are dogs with special training that are able to assist people with various medical conditions or disabilities. Any breed of dog can be trained as a service dog, but the most common breed is the golden retriever. Service dogs have been used since the 1700s, but the first modern training school for these special dogs appeared in the U.S. in 1929, focused on guide dogs for the blind. Since the 1970s, guide dogs have been trained for dozens of applications. A single dog may take thousands of hours to train but will generally serve as a companion to its owner for the rest of the dog's life. These dogs make an immense positive impact on the lives of their humans.... more
11 Most Famous Stained Glass Windows
Stained glass windows can be found in many places around the world. Throughout the centuries, these artworks have been adding beauty to spaces all around the world, most commonly churches and other religious structures. But some pieces clearly elevate this art form to a whole new level. Here, then, are some of the most famous works of stained glass in the world.... more
Facts About Aluminum
Aluminum is one of those substances easily taken for granted, because it is used in so many products used in daily life. But when you think about the versatility of aluminum, it becomes a wonder how we ever lived life before this metal was introduced. Aluminum is used to package our food, put roofs over our homes, build our ladders, and even to build the body of our cars. Thanks to the versatility, durability and light weight of aluminum, it is something that can be used in just about any situation.... more
Protect Your Home From Wood Ants and Termites
Carpenter ants and termites can do significant damage to the structure of your home. The damage that these bugs do often goes unnoticed or is mistaken for water damage. Improper or neglected treatment of wood-damaging bugs can result in a large infestation and weakened structural wood. Whether you're considering buying a house, selling a house, or are currently living in your dream home, learning more about carpenter ants and termites and finding out about different ways to combat them can prevent a lot of hassle and costly repairs in the long run.... more
Scholarship Information for the Blind & Visually Impaired
Scholarships can offset some of the expenses a visually impaired or blind student may incur while attending school. Awards can range from a few hundred dollars to a full tuition waiver. These scholarships may require that the applicant be legally blind, prove a certain level of vision loss, or be the client of an agency that serves the visually impaired. Study the eligibility requirements of the scholarships you apply for and follow application procedures carefully. In addition to researching scholarships, check out schools that provide services to blind and visually impaired students.... more
Home Escape Plans: Exiting windows & doors during Natural Disasters
Natural disasters often hit without warning, necessitating quick action to escape injury. If an emergency hits while you are at home, a home evacuation could become imperative for survival. Every member of your family needs to understand a home escape plan so everyone can respond readily to the emergency. Whether an earthquake shakes your area, a fire breaks out, or a flood threatens your home, having a comprehensive home escape plan can help you think clearly about how to respond.... more
Be an Astronomer Right from Your Window!
For thousands of years, people have been fascinated by the stars and the heavens. Ever since the time of Galileo, people have been enamored with the mystery and beauty of what our universe has to offer. People today do not have to work at NASA to get a close-up look at the planets and stars. You can be your own astronomer and your own scientist, all from the comfort of your own home or your own backyard.... more
The Famous Stained Glass Windows of La Sagrada Familia

The Famous Stained Glass Windows of La Sagrada Familia

... more