Platinum 2 1/2” Wood Blinds are now available. These wooden venetian blinds are made of oak wood with hand rubbed oil based stains. They are 40% thicker than traditional blinds and are created with a resistance to warping. The platinum wooden venetian blinds come in fifteen varieties of stains and colors from Mellow Beech to Black Walnut and decorative tapes are available for an added boost of color.

The Platinum wooden venetian blinds include a 5" beautiful upgraded crown valance at no additional charge. Most blinds come with a cornice valance, which is squared at the ends, while the crown valance is rounded at the ends.

The extra half inch gives these wooden window treatments 40% thicker wood slats than conventional slats.

Platinum wood blinds boast lightly textured 2 ½ inch slats in a wide selection of stains and paints. Whether you prefer clean white accents to your windows, more reminiscent of shutters, or if you want to create a den-like effect with darker window treatments, there’s an option for you.

Added stability and warpage reduction means these blinds will last. They are more resistant to moisture than other wood blinds but are best used in rooms that are not exposed to a lot of steam like kitchens and bathrooms.

Steel headrail and upgraded mechanisms make these wooden window blinds sturdier than other brands. The trapezoid bottom rail gives a finished look to every window. It’s an added luxury item that sets these blinds apart from other companies.

Limited Lifetime Warranty protects the buyer against any potential problems. The Platinum Wood Blinds are constructed with quality materials that are made to last. However, if there are any problems, the buyer is covered.

Routless upgrade is available. Routless means there are no holes drilled into the blinds that could allow light to enter. When closed, these window treatments offer blackout conditions. As an added bonus, the consumer gets to specify location of controls. This means you can choose which side you want the lift and tilt cords on. Great for windows that will be up against corners. Hidden valance clips finish the look so there are no hardware distractions.

Conforms to child safety guidelines. However, if your blinds are going to be used on windows that hang low, be sure to look for cordless window treatments. Hanging cords can become entangled around children.

Wooden Venetian blinds are most often found in 2” varieties. The extra half inch adds opulence. For anyone who’s interested in wood blinds, these are the window treatments to own. They bring nature into the home and are designed to blend with current furniture or antiques, or to add a rich warm element to the room.
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