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This page covers the basic installation for each of the bamboo shades, often referred to as woven wood blinds, that Blinds Chalet offers (standard, premier, platinum). Part 2 of 2

Basic Installation

Shade Adjustment

woven wood shades adjustmentYour bamboo shade has been carefully inspected and adjusted to operate properly. Once installed however, minor adjustments may be necessary.
  • The yarn in your bamboo woven wood shade is flexible enough to straighten to window opening by stretching the yarn. Pull down on the short side to eliminate unevenness and align the shade.
  • If the shade is not flat when lowered, roll the shade tightly from the bottom and then twist the roll from the ends (one end clockwise and the other counter-clockwise) to align yarn and slats. (Fig. 8)
  • Should a strand of yarn slip out from the edge of the woven wood fabric, it may be removed with scissors (from top to bottom of shade) without affecting the strength of the shade.

To Operate Your Shade

woven wood shades adjustmentYour shade is equipped with a locking mechanism that holds the shade at the desired height.
  • To raise or lower the shade, pull and angle the lift cords toward the middle of the shade. (Fig. 9) A slight tug will release the cord lock allowing shade to be moved up or down.
  • To lock the shade at the desired height, angle the lift cord outward to the side to engage the cord lock. (Fig. 10)
  • If the shade should bind during raising or lowering, check the lift cords for proper alignment on the pulleys (under valance).


Each bamboo woven wood shade has a very unique style, composed of a variety of natural materials originating from many points across the world: bamboo, reeds, jute, rattan, grasses, and woods. Slight imperfections and variations in color are all part of the natural beauty of this type of product and should not be considered flaws.

Due to the woven construction of your shade, materials may have shifted slightly during shipping. Use the guidelines below to realign your shade. If you have any questions, call your dealer for advice.

Problem:Only one side of the shade moves when pulling all draw cords.
Cause:One of the draw cords may have come untied.
Repair:Gently run the stray draw cord back through the shade’s pulley mechanism and through the rings on the back of the shade. Tie the draw cord to the bottom ring.
Problem:Shade appears slightly shorter than ordered length.
Cause:Some materials are woven very tightly, and have a tendency to "spring up" which decreases over time.
Repair:If your shades are slightly shorter than ordered after you have completed installation, gently grasp the bottom of the shade and pull carefully to stretch the shade back into shape.
Problem:Shade appears to have uneven edges once hung.
Cause:Woven materials may have shifted slightly during shipping.
Repair:Lightly tap the edges of the shade with a flat tool (ruler, etc.) until even.

Care and Cleaning

Occasional dusting or vacuuming with a brush attachment is all that is necessary to keep you shade looking new.

Child Safety

To protect children and pets from becoming tangled in lift cords, use one of the following methods to keep the lift cords out of reach:
  • Clamp on with pin
  • Cleat
  • Tie the cord to itself
  • Tie-down device


Blinds Chalet has more than 25 years of experience selling and installing window shades including bamboo shades. Attractive, high quality, and durable window blinds and window shades fit any energy saving plan, decorating style, and budget. Blinds Chalet window coverings come from manufacturers who use only the highest quality materials and resources, and each is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. For information on what types of window blinds, blind accessories, and any other window covering needs, visit

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