Many people ask if there are ways to incorporate eco-friendly window treatments into their home design and still have a stylish appearance. There are. Bamboo offers and exotic flair to homes, while roller and solar shades give a subtle polished appearance to a room. Cell shades are probably the most plain as far as design goes, but the selection of rich, neutral colors are a great compliment to any room.

There are several different ways for homeowners to incorporate environmentally friendly or eco-friendly window treatments into their home design. Options include insulating double cell blinds, bamboo shades and blinds and EcoGreen Roller and Solar Shades. The benefits of each are as follows:

Double Cell Shades offer insulation against the cold though the unique sidetrack system, which insulates sides as well as the top and bottom of the shades. Both the EnergyTrack and Comfortrack lines of double cell shades are some of the best insulating window treatments on the market. These window treatments are up to five times more effective at keeping cold out than a single pane window. There is also a foam seal between the headrail and the top of the window to minimize heat loss and help save energy. Both lines of window treatments qualify for a federal tax credit for energy efficiency.

Bamboo Shades come in a variety of styles to suit different interior decoration. The Tavarua line of bamboo shades offers Woven Wood Shades, Sliding Panels, Roller Shades and Ring Drapery. Bamboo is a renewable resource, which protects slow growing forests from being harvested. Bamboo literally grows like a weed and grows in virtually any climate. Because bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource, consumers know their home furnishings are gentle on the earth.

EcoGreen Roller and Solar Shades are made from environmentally friendly fabrics. On the practical side they block UV rays and insulate against heat while preserving views. On the environmental side, they are PVC-free, meaning they contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They are 100% recyclable, which means they keep landfills free and preserve the earth’s resources. They are also LEED Certification-friendly. EcoGreen fabrics help toward the achievement of LEED certification by contributing towards Energy Performance, Material and Resource Use and Indoor Environmental Quality.

Consumers have shown an increased interest in environmentally friendly products and that demand has not only changed the way window treatment companies stock window treatments, it has allowed for a greater variety of unique blinds that increase energy savings and are easy on the earth. Customers now have a wide selection of styles, colors and materials to choose from. It is important people know they can combine style with earth-friendly window treatments.
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