Most bamboo shades are actually roman shades made from natural materials such as bamboo, reeds, rope, etc rather than the fabric used for roman shades. What is the difference then between the two window shades?


One of the key benefits of natural shades is that they are environmentally friendly. Roman shades are made from natural materials as well and could also be considered eco-friendly but bamboo shades are made from all natural materials. The bamboo resources are sustainable and easily grown back to replenish what was taken. Woven wood shades are also easily recyclable.


because roman shades are made from fabric, they offer a wider selection of colors. They are also available in either flat fold or hobbled fold styles giving them a larger selection to choose from than bamboo blinds.


Recently there has been recalls on roman shades and they are being redesigned to make them safer. No recalls or deaths have occurred from bamboo shades although the design of the shades is similar. The problem with the roman shades has been the loops in the cords behind the actual shades.


Natural wood is easier to clean than fabric shades. Bamboo shades can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth or vacuumed to remove any dust build up.


Because woven wood shades are made from small natural wood woven together they can easily be broken. Adding edge binding can protect the delicate wood ends and extend the life of the shades. We offer free edge binding on most of our bamboo shades.

Both roman shades and bamboo shades are good choices for elegant window coverings. Each product has it's own benefits and you will need to weigh these to determine which window shade is right for you.
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