Roman Shades come in a variety of styles and fabrics. From textured linen to satin to woven wood, roman shades are some of the most elegant window treatments on the market. Their richness and opulence dress up any room and their timeless look accounts for their popularity. The design of Roman Shades makes them energy efficient and most brands are effective at blocking 99% of UV rays. The following are just a few of the more popular styles of Roman Shades available.
  1. Light Filtering Roman Shades. Light filtering roman shades are most often constructed with polyester materials or woven materials. Some companies design these blinds with soil and dust resistant fabric, making them a perfect window treatment for rooms with small children or pets. The light filtering properties allow for privacy while still brightening up a room. The color selection is varied, ensuring there are options for every room and style. These shades available in cordless versions.
  2. Blackout Roman Shades. Blackout roman shades are perfect for rooms that receive a lot of light, or home theater rooms. Due to their light blocking abilities, these shades have increased in popularity since their release. These blinds are available in bright splashes of color as well as neutral selections to help decorate a variety of spaces.
  3. Woven Wood Roman Shades. Roman wood roman shades bring the feel of the south pacific to any home. These cheap roman shades cost less than most real wood woven shades. The polyester construction ensures there won’t be any warping or fading, yet to the eye, they appear fragile and delicate. These blinds soften the light that enters a room and are easy to raise and lower. Woven wood shades are also available in a cordless version.
  4. Textured Linen Roman Shades. Textured linen roman shades are a lightweight material, which works well for the size of roman shades. These dramatic window treatments add a light and airy accent to rooms. Linen is reminiscent of summer and fresh airy days. Any room will be complimented by linen shades.
  5. Satin Roman Shades. Satin roman shades are the epitome of luxury. Their soft sheen adds luster to any room. The color palette works with subtle colors such as Smoky Taupe and Spanish Moss. They weight of the material works best in larger bedrooms, family rooms and studies.

For families with small children and pets, be sure to look for brands of roman shades with cordless options. Also look for roman shades with small loops on the backside the shades. Many companies offer cheap roman shades, or discounted roman shades. They are able to do so because when companies buy in bulk they get discounts that they can then pass on to the consumers.

Just as textiles are constantly evolving, so are the available options for Roman Shades. These window treatments have a classic look that among some of the most popular window treatments available. With such a wide variety of materials and colors, Roman Blinds work in most home settings. Roman shades help control glare and UV rays as well as offering insulating qualities.
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