Bamboo is a material that isn’t as widely known as oak, pine or mahogany and that’s because the benefits of using bamboo for a variety of resources have only recently been discovered. Bamboo grows like a weed, from 1-4 inches every day, so you can literally watch this wood grow. Bamboo can grow in virtually any climate and doesn’t use a lot of water, meaning you don’t have to drain our natural water resources like you do with cotton. Bamboo is being used to build houses, make t-shirts, dresses, pants and other clothing and it’s being used to make bamboo shades.

Bamboo is a sustainable resource, meaning if you cut down 100 trees, you don’t have to wait 150 years for more to grow. The speed with which these trees grow combined with their ability to help prevent erosion makes these a natural choice for those wanting to decorate their home with eco-friendly materials.

Bamboo shades are the perfect accent piece to any home. They block UV rays, decrease glare and help insulate against the summer’s heat. The woven pattern of bamboo shades allows breezes to enter the house while still providing privacy. Bamboo shades come in a variety of colors and styles. We would like to caution consumers to buy edge bindings with their bamboo shades, or work with a company that provides free edge bindings.

Edge bindings are pieces of fabric that wrap around the edge of the window treatment to help protect the delicate edges of the bamboo shade from cracking, breaking, or chipping. Edge bindings come in a variety of colors and patterns to pick up other accents within the room. Neutral colors can also be chosen for a more blended look. Because of the fragile nature of these window treatments, they work best in homes, office buildings and guesthouses without small children or pets.

Another benefit of woven bamboo shades is they don’t look like every other shade on the market. They have their very own distinct look that brings a tropical feel to a home or apartment. In areas that experience long lasting summers with high temperatures, these window treatments can help reduce air conditioning needs, especially when paired with a privacy liner. The liner provides extra insulation when down to keep your home at the temperature you want it at.

We highly recommend bamboo shades for anyone who wants to help sustain the earth’s trees as well as bringing an elegant look to their home. Bamboo shades are one of those purchases that make you feel good about yourself while making the earth smile.
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