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This page covers the basic installation for each of the woven wood bamboo shades (standard, premier, platinum) offered at Blinds Chalet . Part 1 of 2

Basic Installation

Hardware Included

  • Installation Brackets
  • Mounting Screws
  • Additional Mounting Brackets
    (If required for extra support)
  • Hold Down Brackets with short screws
    (If requested on order)

Tools Needed

  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Screw Driver
  • Drill Bits (7/64" & 1/16")
  • Level
  • Scissors

Fasteners for Other Surfaces(not included)

The screws provided are for mounting the bamboo shade to a wood surface only. For other surfaces, use the following:
  • Wallboard or Plastic - Pre-drill holes for suitable hollow wall anchors or toggle bolts.
  • Metal Surfaces - Pre-drill holes and use short metal screws.
  • For Concrete, Stone, Brick or Tile - Use a carbide drill and appropriate plugs, or anchor with screws.

Before Mounting the Bamboo Shade

    mounting bamboo shades
  • Hold the shade against the window opening to determine if shade is made for inside or outside installation. (See Figs. 1 and 2.)

  • shim bamboo shades
  • If shade is for inside window installation, and if the window frame is not even or level (Fig. 3 ), use shims to make sure that the headrail will be level when installed. (See Fig. 4)
  • Even if the headrail is mounted on the frame, wall or ceiling, it must be level, so the shade will operate properly. Also make sure that woven wood shades are the proper length and that it will clear any obstructions. Spacers or extension brackets may be required for shade to clear any obstructions.)

Mounting the Shade

woven wood shades mounting optionsInside Window/Ceiling Installation
  • Shade is fabricated to fit inside the window casement.
  • While holding the headrail firmly against the casement, drill 1/16" pilot holes into the casement through the small round holes in the headrail. (Do not drill pilot holes through the slots in the headrail.)
  • Use the 2-inch wood screws to attach the shade to the window casement. If shim is used to level headrail, make sure that it is in place before tightening screws.

woven wood shades wall mountFrame or Wall/Ceiling Installation
  • Shade is fabricated to overlap the window opening. The installation brackets are mounted to window frame or wall.
  • While holding the headrail level against the window frame or wall, lightly mark on the mounting surface the positions of the headrail slots.
  • Hold each installation bracket against the mounting surface and mark for two diagonal screw holes. (Fig. 5.) Position brackets to line up with centers of slots in headrail. Drill pilot holes and use appropriate fastener screws, wall anchors or toggle bolts to mount brackets.
  • Push the headrail up onto the brackets so that the threaded posts on the brackets fit through the slots in the headrail. (See Fig. 6.)
  • Secure the headrail to installation brackets by tightening wing nuts.
woven wood shades ceiling mount

Hold Down Brackets

(used on door mounted shades)
woven wood shades hold down brackets Optional hold down brackets are used to secure the bottomrail of the shade in order to keep it from moving around. To install, lower the shade completely and position the hold down bracket that the pins installed in the bottomrail are align with the holes. Install each bracket with the short hold down screws. To unhook the pins from the bracket, move the bottomrail in the opposite direction and slide pin out from hole.

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