Mountain living offers different challenges for decorating than other climates. In the mountains, wood expands and contracts depending on the season. The sun’s harsh UV rays have a higher rate of fading furniture and artwork than in other areas of the country. Not to mention, many people want their homes to have a look and feel of a mountain home, so not just any window treatments will work. For others energy efficiency is a priority.

The nights are cold with temperatures dipping into the 30’s and 40’s while daytime temperatures can top 95 degrees. It’s the extremes that appeal to some. Most people who live in the mountains do without air conditioning in order to enjoy the clean, fresh mountain air. As such, it can be a challenge to keep houses and apartments cool during the long summer days. For the best protection against the summer’s heat, the following window treatments are recommended.

  • Light Filtering Double Cell Shades. Cellular shades or honeycomb shades offer some of the best insulating qualities of any blind or window treatment on the market. For mountain environments, opening windows at night, then closing the blinds during the day will keep in the cool mountain air. They light filtering abilities ensure the long hours of summer aren’t missed.

  • Solar Screen Shades. When living in the mountains, views are often a huge factor in choice of home. In order to maintain views while blocking UV rays and improving temperature and draft control, solar screen shades are the way to go. They help limit eye-straining glare, maintain view-through so the views can still be enjoyed without absorbing the harsh summer sun’s rays and solar screen shades provide a finished look to any room.

  • Wood Blinds. Aesthetically, wood blinds work in the mountains. From log cabins to mountain-side chalets they bring in the look and feel of what the mountains are all about. From woven wood blinds to basswood blinds, there’s a wood window treatment for any home. Wood blinds also insulate against the elements and noise pollution. They are easy to adjust for the desired amount of light in a room.

When looking for a manufacturer for the above blinds, keep the following in mind: customer service, turnaround times, and discounts. Discounts are welcome any time of year, and some companies offer year-round discounts, not just during the holidays. Excellent customer service is a must to ensure you receive what you ordered, when you ordered it. Some companies offer 1 to 2 day turnaround times for in-stock items. Spend a little time researching companies and their customer reviews. It may provide you with a sense of the quality you might be getting.

As we all know, in remote mountain towns, it can often be difficult to find a store that sells window treatments, much less someone who can get them to you in a couple of days. The Internet is a great resource for quick delivery and quality products.

Summer in the mountains is one of the most beautiful experiences any one can encounter. For those who have the privilege of living in the mountains, finding the right window treatment for your home is a great way to enhance your daily experience.
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