Finding the perfect kitchen window blind can be tricky. The blinds or shades need to look good, be easy to clean and be moisture resistant. Because kitchen cooking can cause a build-up of grease on kitchen window blinds, it’s important to use the right blinds and shades so they don’t need to be replaced every couple of years.

The first tip to choosing kitchen window blinds is to stay away from fabric materials. Fabrics absorb grease, making them difficult to clean. Fabrics also generally absorb odor, so in a couple of years window treatments might end up smelling like fried chicken or ragu sauce. Dusting can be hard with kitchen window blinds because dust sticks to grease, sometimes smearing the dirt. For easy maintenance and good looks the top three kitchen window blinds are:
  • Embassy 2” Faux Wood Blinds. These wood blinds offer premium features at an affordable price. They are resistant to moisture, won’t chip, warp or crack. They will look like new for a lifetime. Faux wood is easy to clean with a damp cloth with a little soap and water. The Embassy 2” faux wood blinds come with a 2 x 2 metal headrail and a free 3 inch custom crown valance.
  • Aspen 2” Faux Wood Blinds. These window treatments are tasteful and sophisticated. They rival wood in their luxurious and dramatic appearance but with a distinctly lower price tag. Available in a variety of stains as well as painted versions, they suit kitchen environments. Keeping them clean is a worry-free, easy task.
  • Chalet Composite Shutters – The realistic Composite Shutters are made from a combination of American hardwood and polymer materials to withstand warping, cracking, and chipping. The plantation shutters strongly resemble real wood. The shutter tilt bar features a "no mouse hole" design. This allows each louver to close tighter in both directions. They are made with a patented, spring-loaded design to minimize light gaps on the side of each louver for added privacy and light control. Made in USA. Each plantation shutter is fabricated within 15 business days.

When decorating a kitchen, consider whether you want to accent the wood, or offer a clean look. To accent wood furniture, look for a company that sends free samples of the window treatment, so you can compare them to your current décor before you order. Painted wood keeps kitchens bright and clean. Painted options usually remain within the neutral color palette with shades of white and off-white.

It’s important for people to know that there are options for kitchens that look good and are hassle-free. Many people think their only choice is aluminum mini-blinds for affordability. Discount faux wood blinds can be found at a number of manufacturers on-line. With so many styles and colors of faux wood blinds and shutters, it’s easy to find something that matches the current color design of any kitchen.

Faux wood blinds will have everyone fooled that they are real wood blinds. The only differences are the cost, durability and ease of use.
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