While winter wonderlands and sparkling lights stir romance in many, the realities of guests, kids and shopping often get in the way of holiday romance. It can be hard to feel sexy when a baby has just spit up on you, or you have lists to get done that run a mile long. However, it’s important to remember that our minds and our bodies need to relax in order to stay healthy and feel loved.

Here are the top five ways to help bring the romance back into relationships over the holidays.
  1. Take time away. In a home it’s easy to get distracted by phones ringing, TVs, computers and more. Spend a couple of hours or an entire night going out to dinner or talking a walk under the stars. Leave phones at home and exclude conversation about kids and worries. Focus on positives and check in with one another to see how things are going.
  2. Make the bedroom inviting. When the bedroom is a mess with clothes all over the place and things in shambles, romance is quickly lost. Install sheer window shades or roman shades to complete the look of a room. Make the bed and put dirty clothes in a hamper or closet. Light some candles, and have fresh flowers in the room.
  3. Play games. Create a rewards system for compliments. For example if the man compliments the woman, then the man gets a 10 minute massage, or dinner cooked for him. The same works if the woman compliments the man, then she gets a massage or dishes done. This is a way of making each other feel good and the feelings it creates often lead to romance.
  4. Don’t rush it. Many mothers and wives feel as if they are constantly running around. With kids, showers get skipped and exhaustion sets in. The best way to combat that is to draw the woman a hot bath with flower petals sprinkled in it. Let her relax, clean up and feel sexy. Buy her a little gift or some lingerie. Romance shouldn’t be one more thing to put on the ‘To Do’ list, it should be enjoyed by all.
Be kind to one another. When stress builds up, it’s easy to take out frustrations on the ones people are closest to or feel most familiar with. To break the habit, make a point to do one kind thing for loved ones every day; whether that’s making a meal with a chocolate heart in it, or saying ‘I appreciate you,’ kind acts do get paid forward.

Romance might mean different things for different people, but the roads to romance start with kindness and affection. Creating a haven of your home by installing window blinds like Sheer Shades and Roman Shades boosts good feelings by making the home aesthetically pleasing every time you open the door. Lighting candles or adding fresh flowers to a room stimulates our sense and helps bring us out of the chaos that runs through our minds during the holidays.
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