Mega stores move into town. They offer lower prices and wider selections than mom and pop stores and suddenly the mom and pop stores close down, taking money out of the local economy and sending it to multi-billion dollar corporations. Before you start spending your money in a mega-store, consider what smaller stores that specialize in a specific product have to offer. When it comes to window treatments would you rather have cheap, or would you rather have quality at discount prices with blinds that fit the exact specifications of your window? Here are a few reasons to shop at on-line custom window treatment stores.

  1. Custom stores specialize in one product. Mega stores offer such a wide selection because they buy one-size-fits-all products and sell them at cheap prices. Custom stores specialize in window treatments. They custom make each and every blinds and mini-blind to the customer’s exact specifications. The consumer doesn’t have to worry about adjusting length or having extra feet of slats hanging that look as if the blinds belonged on another window.

  2. Price. Because custom stores, especially on-line stores don’t have the huge overhead that larger stores have, they can offer the best quality blinds at the lowest prices. Custom stores offer a wider selection for less cost.

  3. Customer Service. It’s hard to find a representative at a large store that can talk to customers about the exact specifications of every product. In fact, in some discount stores, it’s hard to find anyone to talk to at all. Custom window treatments stores have trained professionals that understand window treatments, mini-blinds and drapery. They know materials and how they will work in each specific room.

  4. Samples. Sometimes it’s hard to choose a window treatment without taking it home to compare colors and fabrics against the rest of the design of the home. Custom stores offer free samples on as many colors and styles as are needed until the right style is found.Convenience. Customers don’t even have to leave the house to order from custom on-line window treatment manufacturers. Consumers can order samples, place orders and track it all from home. Custom stores can offer free shipping and there is no sales tax for out-of-state orders.

Stores that specialize in one specific field are going to be able to offer better prices, quality and service than companies that are juggling thousands of different brands and items. They believe in working with their customers and know their products inside and out. That gives them a distinctive edge over mega-stores who are simply interested in sales and not their customers.

Next time you buy a new home or are renovating a current home, be sure to look on-line for drapes, mini-blinds, wood and faux wood blinds, single and double cell shades and more. Everything you need is there and you’ll be helping companies that are interested in your needs.
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