Homeowners considering window treatments like blinds can be easily overwhelmed by the plethora of options, specials, promotions, and features on the market. Making the right blind selection depends on several variables. If buyers aren't careful they'll inadvertently miss one or two important design considerations. Due to the fact that purchasing the right window blinds and shades can have lasting benefits for homeowners there is ample reason to make a buying decision carefully.

Interested homeowners should consult the following list of 5 Design Considerations when shopping for blinds. Following the tips increase the probability that the installed product will meet all expectations of the consumer post-purchase. The list is not all inclusive, but it is definitely a solid start for the novice window blinds shopper.

1. Consider the current style of your interior/exterior design. Window treatments like blinds and shades are one of the few home purchases that accent both the interior and exterior of your home simultaneously. Make sure you consider the "look" of blinds from both perspectives.

2. Consider your own priorities. What is most important aspect when it comes to blinds? Make a list of your blinds needs as you shop and compare. What is important to you? Discount pricing? Style? Energy efficiency? Light blocking capabilities? Versatility (like cordless top down, bottom up features, etc.)

3. Consider the long term benefits. Not all blinds are created equal. Some energy saving products offer long term savings that will quickly offset the initial investment.

4. Consider privacy and security. Some rooms in your home require higher levels of privacy and/or security. For instance, consider room darkening blackout shades in bedrooms and water resistant and opaque window blinds in bathrooms (especially those on the first floor).

5. Consider safety issues. Window treatments like blinds often come with dangling cords. This can be a hazard if you have small children in the home. Instead look for cordless blinds. Most all window treatment products have cordless options or you can find a retro fit kit online.

Buying window treatments like blinds and shades can increase the value of your home, provide comfort, and design appeal. Blinds can also provide energy efficiency and save you money in the long run. Do your homework. Comparison shop. And enjoy your new window treatments!
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