When choosing kitchen window treatments, there are some things to consider. Kitchen blinds and kitchen shades typically are in areas where they can get wet, splattered with food, cleaners and other items. Care should be taken so the proper window treatments are selected for this area of the home.

Which Window Coverings are Best?

The best products for possibly damp areas in like kitchens and bathrooms are those that can easily be cleaned easily and can sustain moisture. Blinds with smooth finishes are also better than blinds with a textured embossed finish so that moisture isn't heald in crevases. Cloth blinds are also problematic because they will retain moisture and absorb kitchen odors and grease.

Two types of shades we recommend are faux wood blinds or aluminum blinds. These blinds will not damage when they get wet and are also easy to clean. Wood blinds may be used for kitchens, but are not recommended in areas next to sinks or stoves.


Any window covering can be used in a kitchen. However, blinds or shades in areas that have a possibility of getting wet or stained should be those window coverings that can withstand it. Proper window coverings can create a lasting and beautiful kitchen.


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