Most custom venetian blinds have an option to tilt the window blind slats open. Most manufacturers of window blinds offer either a cord or a wand tilt. What are the advantages of selecting a cord tilt over a wand tilter when buying window blinds? Here are some of the advantages to selecting a tilter mechanism when buying blinds.

Wand Tilter

Wood wand to match wood blinds
Popular choice with venetian blinds.

Cord Tilter

Horizontal blinds close tighter.
Cord mechanism heavier duty and lasts longer.
Faster closure. Cord tilter is easier to operate and closes the window blinds faster and tighter than a wand tilt.
More esthetically pleasing.

Wand tilters are a popular choice with consumers but at Blinds Chalet we recommend selecting a cord tilter on your window blinds. Cord tilt blinds are better quality and last longer. We know however that the type of tilt is a personal preference and therefore we offer both options on most of our venetian window blinds.

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