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If your 2 inch wood blind or faux wood blind quits tilting open and close there is often a simple fix for this. First pull the blind all the way up and tight to the headrail.
  1. Carefully remove your valance form the horizontal blinds.
  2. Unhinge the box end bracket and remove the blind from the window. Looking down into the top of the blind check the cords running length wise through the headrail.
  3. Are they tangled? Are any of the cords caught between the hardware and they headrail? If so carefully untangle or unhook the cord that is trapped or tangled.
If that does not work you may need a new tilter mechanism. The tilter mechanism is located on either the far left or right side of the headrail. There will be a metal rod running the entire length of the headrail and through the middle of this mechanism. Slide the rod carefully to the left or right to move it out of the tilter mechanism.

You will need to purchase a new tilter component. You can usually purchase this online from Blinds Chalet or from a local retailer. Simply put the new tilter back in the headrail and repeat the above steps in reverse. Thats it! This will save you a lot of money by doing it yourself or by not having to purchase new blinds. You may also want to hire a professional blind repairman.


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