When choosing window treatments for any room there are some basic questions to ask so you select the right product. Each room may be different and have special needs. Here are some things to consider:


Window treatments come in various degrees of light filtration. Some shades are made to block all the light such as blackout shades. Others are designed specifically to filter the light, providing privacy but still keeping the room bright during the daytime.

Privacy & Security

Is the window near a street or neighbor's house? Is this a window such a bathroom blind? Is the window on the ground floor? Consider the location of the window you are selecting the window coverings for.

Do you want to maintain a view?

if you have a window where you do not want to block a view consider window shades with the top down bottom up or duofold option. Other products that will not block views are sheerweave shades or solar shades. Solar shades allow light to pass through them but block uv rays similar to a screen.


Do you have small children or grandchildren? Is this window low enough that small children would be able to reach the window blind cords? Consider cordless shades in areas where children can reach the window blinds.

Ultraviolet(UV) Light Issues

Window treatments can block harmful uv rays that damage fabrics on furniture, carpets, and more. Each window treatment filters or blocks uv rays differently depending on the fabric or material of the blinds or shades.


Any window treatment will help reduce energy costs. However, different window coverings are better insulators than others. The top energy efficient blinds are cellular shades. Honeycomb shades have a unique cell pattern that uses air for insulation.

Care & Cleaning

Consider the type of window covering and the application when purchasing. Some window shades are easier to clean and care for than others. For instance, you might want a blind that is easier to clean on a window in the kitchen.

By answering these design considerations you can correctly select window coverings. Your window blinds will not only be attractive and stylish but will fit the needs of your home and your windows.


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