With so many different products available to fill the basic need for window coverings, consumers are sometimes impatient regarding those products that are new to them. They don't take the time to research products with which they haven't had experience. This often leaves consumers missing the benefits that are available with cellular shades.

The following are some defining characteristics of cellular shades:

1. Cellular shades are especially energy efficient. They keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. For maximum insulation consumers should look for cellular shades with bigger pleats or triple celled products.

2. Cellular shades offer a unique type of versatility. When most window coverings are "opened" they are opened by lifting the bottom of the product up to meet the top. With cellular shades there is an option; top down bottom up shades can be opened in either direction. The bottom can go up or the top can go down. This offers the owner the opportunity to access very specific light control depending upon time of day, window/room placement, etc.

3. Cellular shades are made from honeycomb fabric. This means that consumers have hundreds of choices when it comes to color and pattern choice.

4. The material used for the shades is such that is offers privacy but simultaneously provides the option of muted light or complete darkness.

5. Varying levels of insulation are available: single celled shades, double celled shades and triple celled shades.

6. Pleat size may vary. Consumers can choose the size of the pleats for their cellular shades. The bigger the pleat the more thorough the insulation provided by the product. Consumers can consider the pleat size in relation to their interior design as well.

Most notably, cellular shades are the most energy efficient window shades; possibly the most efficient window covering. Cellular shades are often called honeycomb shades due to the way they are manufactured. But whether they are called honeycomb shades or cellular shades or cell shades...the benefits are the same. And because the benefits are so obvious they continue to be a popular choice amongst consumers.
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