Blind Chalet has many different kinds of blinds offering different degree's of energy conservation. Blinds can be a great way to prevent energy loss and gain, especially in the winter. There are many types of blinds that help to keep energy inside a specific room, not to mention an entire dwelling. Blinds Chalet hopes to show customers how easy it can be conserve energy during the winter months with implementation of window coverings.

Many of the more environmentally-conscious blinds conserve the overall energy output in a house, and are known to help decrease energy bills during the colder months of the year. The ability to perform such an action can usually be altered due to most window treatment's ability to open or close in order to allow more or less sunlight into a room, or dwelling. Window coverings can also help keep sunlight out of structures during the summer. This is another way of conserving energy with window blinds, especially when air conditioning costs can be astronomical during the heat waves of summer.

There are special types of window coverings made specifically for the entrapment of warmth, and on the contrary, are also made to keep energy out of dwellings in the hotter seasons. The most prevalent of these blind-types are known as Duette blinds. Duette blinds are made with very sensitive fabrics that are specifically installed to control temperatures of the areas they are installed in. They are effective in blocking sunlight that approaches the exterior of the window, creating a cool atmosphere, but are just as effective in keeping light controlled in a space, which keeps heat in. Blinds are instrumental in keeping light out of rooms and spaces, but it can be very beneficial to a homeowner to purchase blinds that are also effective in conserving energy and saving money.

Blinds Chalet, a window covering company with more than 25 years of experience selling and installing window blinds & window shades, offers many options to help families save money. Their attractive, high quality, and durable window blinds and window shades fit any energy saving plan, decorating style, and budget. Blinds Chalet window coverings come from manufacturers who use only the highest quality materials and resources, and each is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. For information on what types on energy efficient blinds, blind accessories, and any other window covering needs, visit
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