Roller shades are an economical choice for style and function. In today's tough economy the economical choice is often the only choice. So it's very helpful when it's also the right choice.

With roller shades consumers look for a product with sturdy metal rollers. Wooden rollers can also be sturdy and provide for the needs of the product, but steel has the obvious benefit of lasting longer and adding extra strength to the product.

Roller shades provide the opportunity to add a variety of color options and textures to a room or space. The installation of the roller shade is easy even for the amateur DIYer. And the many options make it easy to customize the product without paying custom prices.

Various designs in the "roller shades" family include: traditional roller shades and/or flat fold roller shades. Roller shades of all varieties can be had in eco-friendly materials and can be had in over 50 colors and/or patterns. Some roller shades are even 100% recyclable.

Easy customization include shade pulls, choice of hem styles and hemline trims. The easy customization ensures that consumers can change the general look of the roller shade to accommodate children's rooms, game rooms, casual areas, classy spaces, etc.

Flat Fold Shades are named after their function. When extended, the flat fold shades lie flat. But when they are raised the flat fold shades easily fold into themselves in a folding pattern. Hemline trims are a popular custom design addition for this particular style of roller shade.

Regardless of personal preference the roller shade can fit the bill. This versatile product provides installation that is almost as easy as the customization making the choice a sweet one from beginning to end.
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