I searched for ways to recycle blinds but all I could find was to cut them down and make garden markers. While that may be good for some people I don't think anyone needs all the markers they could make from a houseful of blinds.

When it comes to recycling blinds it depends on the type. Certain materials window blinds are made from may or may not be recyclable.

Let's start with the easy first. Aluminum mini blinds can be taken to any metal scrap yard. You should be able to get money for the scrap metal. The window blind slats are made from aluminum and the headrail may be either steel or aluminum as well.

Fabric shades such as roman shades could be cut down and the fabrics used for a variety of things.

Wood blinds could be recycled and used to make various things. Use your imagination. I read online about someone who used the slats from an old blind to make a magazine rack.

Vinyl faux wood blinds are made from pvc. Because the vinyl is not recyclable any window blinds can be re used. Habitat for Humanity is always in need of window blinds and shades. You can always donate your old window blinds.

Hopefully these few tips can help make our earth a cleaner greener place.
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